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July 5, 2020

1420 PHOTOS: Picture of the Day
originally posted July 5, 2019

Who knew things would change so much in a year? Back in the day when I used to count how many photos I had taken…must’ve been crazy!!

The photo below more than likely was taken the month before, which means sometime in June! I’ll have to look and see if I can find it on my hard drive, so i can add the stats to it.

I didn’t change anything, just added to it… I could’ve taken the next sentence out, but I didn’t. I think it shows just how much I’ve grown/changed in the last year.


I forgot to mention that the 1420 photos doesn’t include cell phone pictures. It’s probably closer to 1500, but who’s counting?

What was I thinking…? I don’t count my photos anymore…might be obvious! “Picture of the Day” doesn’t even have to necessarily be from last month…but, I know it can’t be from tomorrow, or next year 🙂

“Three things cannot be hidden long
the sun
the moon
the truth”
~ Buddha

“It takes three years to become an overnight success, sometimes more.”
~ Seth Godin

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picfair (birds)

Nature Throw Pillow featuring the photograph Brown Flower by Holly Morris
Brown flower throw pillow
yellow and black butterfly on thistle with background in black and white
yellow and black butterfly on thistle

Happiness is a butterfly

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counting rhymes 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Three little kittens
wear their mittens
when they go out to play

Three little kittens
wear their mittens
every single day
~ Nursery Rhyme

take care
stay safe
much love

dream, live, hope, every day

July 5, 2020

Sunday’s Inspiration

“Each sunrise brings a new day
with new hopes for a new beginning”
~ unknown

“Silence is a great source of strength.”
~ Lao Tzu

Give Yourself Time

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” ~ unknown
You don’t have to go fast
You don’t have to go far
You just have to go

Enjoy the little things

life is about risking everything
for a dream no one can see but you

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not my image

Attitude is a little thing
that makes a big difference.”

take care
stay safe
much love

~ All images are mine, unless otherwise noted ~

have you kissed a frog today?

July 4, 2020

picture of the week

frog eyes
taken July 1, 2020
f-stop: f/9; exposure time: 1/400sec; ISO 3200
focal length 55mm
taken with macro lenses attached

Have you kissed a frog today? Well? Have ya?

“Close your eyes
open your mind
listen to your heart”
~ unknown

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July: Larkspur
poisonous if ingested
but despite its toxic properties
Larkspur is commonly associated with
Lightheartedness and youth

Toxicity. All parts of these plants are considered toxic to humans, especially the younger parts, causing severe digestive discomfort if ingested, and skin irritation. Larkspur, especially tall larkspur, is a significant cause of cattle poisoning on range lands in the western United States. (wikipedia)

have a great 4th!

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and ghosts return

July 3, 2020

picture of the day

abstracted image
available at Pixels

“The lawn is pressed by unseen feet
and ghosts return
gently at twilight
gently go at dawn
the sad intangible
who grieve and yearn.”
~ T. S. Eliot

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your birthstone brings good luck,
positive energy and protection
to your daily life
good luck

take care
stay safe
much love

my name is max: footstep on the roof

July 2, 2020

Footsteps on the roof

Ever since I could walk, I could climb. It didn’t matter what I used to get up there, as long as I accomplished the goal. I rarely ever used a ladder, never liked them. My mom probably instilled that fear in me. One day, she was in the kitchen, washing dishes, and noticed me coming down the steps and out the kitchen door. Then, she’d see me again…down the steps and out the kitchen door. She didn’t remember me coming back in, so she followed me. She watched as I climbed the ladder, between my dads’ legs and then climb in through the window. Dad was doing some repair work. She proceeded to yell at him, for letting me do this. He didn’t think it was a problem…all mom could see was the distance between me and the ground – and the electrical wire not that far from the ladder. I was probably only about 18 months old…
Ever since then, I was a climber. (Not so much recently!)
If I wanted something from the countertop, or from one of the upper cabinets, I’d pull the cabinet drawers out and use them as steps. A rocking horse or a chair would suffice to get me to a tree branch that I couldn’t reach. And, for the most part, my sister followed in my footsteps…
But, those aren’t the stories I wanted to tell you about…I wanted to tell you about the time my sister got stuck on the garage roof.
riding the new pony
This photo was taken a few years after my sister got stuck on the roof, but I wanted to give you a visual of the garage that I used to climb up on. You can see the pile of bricks piled up at the back of the garage… I used them to climb up on the roof. I’d never go out on the barn roof, which was attached to the garage. It was rusted and had holes in it, wasn’t very sturdy . I loved going up there and just thinking, getting away from everyone. Not that I had any particular reason to get away, just the fact that I could made it a special place for me.
So, when I was a little bit older, my sister was a couple years old, I boosted her up onto the garage roof. She saw me up there, and wanted to be up there with me. I used to climb up there all the time, knew what I was doing, and I’m sure my parents had gotten used to me climbing by this point. They used to say, “If you can’t find Holly, look up in a tree.”
What I didn’t realize, or really didn’t care, was that dad was working in the garage. He heard footsteps up there and came out to see what was going on. He looked up, two little girls were looking down at him.
“Get down from there,” dad commanded.
So I did.
A few minutes later he heard someone (my sister) still walking around on the roof and crying.
“I thought I told you to get down.”
“I can’t,” my sister said, in between sobs.
“Get down the way you got up there.”
“I can’t. Holly boosted me up here.” Those may not be the exact words she used, as she was probably only two or three years old, but you get the idea. She couldn’t get down, because I had helped her up onto the roof.
So, dad had to help her down from on top of the roof, and I was in trouble. It wasn’t the first, or the last time, I would get in trouble for “doing something to my sister”.

My sister stopped following me up onto the roof after that, but not up into trees. Not until she fell out of a tree and possibly had a concussion, did she stop climbing trees. We were much older by this point… Mom was doing laundry and dad was mowing, on the other side of the field. He saw her fall, but couldn’t get there fast enough to catch her. I couldn’t try to catch her, as I was higher up in the tree than she was and would have possibly fallen out of the tree as well. Or she would have pulled me with her. The doctor was called, he told my parents not to let her sleep for more than an hour or so at a time. Of course, I apologized profusely, but my parents knew it wasn’t my fault.

Hope you enjoyed!

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July 2, 2020

This is one of the first posts I made…with few changes made to update it. This “ordeal” took place during the summer of 2018, having preserved it and hung it in the house by that fall.

originally posted March 24, 2019

Huge hornets nest

Yes! That’s a hornets nest and yes it’s in my house! Don’t worry, it’s a dead nest and it has been preserved.

It was quite an ordeal to get it in the house!

When I first noticed it by the pool, it was only about the size of a softball. The hornets weren’t bothering me, over the weekend I’d take care of it. Get some hornet spray and I’d be done with it. No big deal!

Well, time got away from me. I got busy with work and life.

Hornet’s nest hanging in the tree

Weeks go by…after all, they weren’t bothering me or anyone else. So let it be…

We weren’t able to kill the nest on the first try. All the spray did was irritate the hornets! They were mad, but still no stings.

can barely see the nest, it’s near the top right corner. No wonder we didn’t notice it at first…

We, again, had to go out and get some more – stronger – spray. And of coarse, the best time to spray is at dusk or night!

So, some time goes by but now we’re ready! My boyfriend and I are armed and ready! I wish I had been able to get some pics or a video of this event, but, we were fully loaded with spray and weren’t really thinking about taking photos.

So, we start spraying! Now, you have to use you’re imagination here…two people, getting ready to spray a nest that’s huge! Hundreds if not thousands of hornets. This could get nasty. We have the spot light on so we can see.

At first, no big deal. They were buzzing around, upset, but not angry… yet! Then, boom, just like that, with a click of the fingers, they’re angry! I was the first to go inside. A minute later, my boyfriend. Only one hornet got in, I found it dead in my dresser the next day.

We left the light on for a couple of minutes to watch them attack the light. Even with the door closed, we could here them attacking the light.

The best part…? No one got stung! Absolutely amazing!!

Then next morning there were thousands of dead hornets on the ground. There were still some buzzing around…it took a couple of days, but the nest was finally dead.

The nest is finally dead!!

When we cut it down so I could preserve it, some dead hornets fell out.

Preserving it was the easy part. I used appoxy to preserve it. I even preserved some hornets and stuck them on the nest.

So, that’s my story of the hornets nest and how it got in the house! (During the summer, it goes on the deck.)

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abstract image of hornets nest with beware words

Beware the hornets nest

the following images I pulled from pinterest…

Alabamians, Beware the Wasp ‘Super Nest’ | Smart News | Smithsonian
Hornet Nest 2015 - End
hornets nest | ... Pesty Neighbors from stealing fruit with a Decoy Hornet's Nest

take care
stay safe
and away from any
hornets nests
or any nests

much love

I’d run…

July 2, 2020

picture of the day

has the world gone mad

“Haste makes waste
so I rarely ever hurry.
But if a ferret were
about to dart up my dress
I’d run.”
~ Cheshire Cat

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Answer It !
“No matter how old you are,
if a little kid hands you a toy phone….
Answer it.”
~ Dave Chappelle

take care
stay safe
much love


July 1, 2020

**Just a disclaimer that I have included some of my own opinions about the Coronavirus pandemic and also the rioting going on right now. These are my opinions based on facts/articles/news…whatever I have read or heard recently.

my thoughts for today

bright eyes

Wanted to take some time this morning to say thank you to all my followers!

Thank You
From the bottom of my heart

Every follow, like, comment and view means the world to me. You mean the world to me!

It’s been a crazy month, year…I have no idea where I’m going – but I’m glad I have you to join me in this journey. To think that at the beginning of the year (2020), there were only about three hundred. I have no idea why, but thank you none the less.

There have been many ups and downs, most recently my cat passing away (June 25). I don’t normally get so attached to cats, but he was different. The strangest, most lovable, talkative cat I have ever known. Why my sister didn’t love him, or like him, I will never know. Anyway, it’s been a hard week, as I am having trouble staying motivated. I will get through this, just need to power through – as they say. Do what I need to… every day gets a little better. Today has been exceptionally hard, and it’s still early.

And then there’s the pandemic and the riots/protests going on… Covid-19 has pretty much kept me at home, unless we go somewhere out of the way – like fishing, or walking, with less people around. With my asthma, I can’t wear a mask for extended periods. When we go shopping, I’m ripping the mask off as soon as we walk out the door. I’ve seen articles where people are coming down with lung diseases from wearing a mask for long periods of time. I’m not risking my health, not like that. I quit my job (Home Instead Senior Care) in October and haven’t really worked outside the home since. I’m lucky I don’t have to worry about rent or a mortgage – just “normal bills” – or I’d be SOL. Did you know that the “common cold” is a variation of the Corona Virus? Yeah! According to the CDC, which I really put little trust in, states that the common cold, is in fact a “common human coronavirus”. So when you get tested, and come back positive, it could be just a cold. At least that’s what I’ve read – the testing doesn’t differentiate between the different virus’ – just that you’ve come in contact with/ have corona virus – but not which strain. Ahh, the joys of technology! I’ll take my chances and just stay away from everyone! 🙂

And the riots? I won’t go into great detail here – but I believe the U.S. is in a cultural civil war. It has been for a while, we’re just at a tipping point. “Black Lives Matter”? It’s just a front, in my opinion. The leader of this group – some would say militant group – is a trained Marxist. She claims it herself. I don’t believe I owe anyone anything for what my ancestors may or may not have done. We fought a bloody Civil War to free slaves (among other things), and when the war ended they (the freed slaves) were given reparations (30 acres and a mule), which was appropriate for the times. When our founding fathers founded this nation and wrote the Constitution, Bill of Rights, they wanted to address slavery in this country. But they knew that in order to get the Southern states to sign, they had to leave the issue alone. For the time being, knowing that eventually it would be addressed. Is it really a crime to be born white? Do I need to repent for being born white? Do I need to give my property to someone less fortunate than me? Because they feel they deserve it? And I don’t? No, no, and no. Some churches have started preaching about being “woke” and having to repent for being born white. We were made the way we are for a reason. I’m not 100% Caucasion anyway… I have more Native American blood in me (Souix) than Elizabeth Warren claims to have. And don’t get me started on how Native Americans were treated! Whites, Native Americans, Orientals and blacks have all been slaves. I believe that everything that is happening is 1) to destroy America 2) destroy Trump and to gain back control. They are both tied together, I believe.

All lives matter!! Not just black lives that are killed by police.

Enough of that… although I feel a little better for getting that off my chest. But not really…

On to the future of this blog. The main thing with my blog is my photos. Many of which are available at Pixels, Picfair, and/or Shutterstock. I also have images available at Pinterest and free images available on my blog. I’ve started linking any photo that is available, to the store/shop where it is available, to make it easier to find. Every once in a while, like today, I will do an opinion piece. Which is solely my opinion.

What’s staying the same…

  • picture of the day – Monday thru Friday (any photo/any time)
  • picture of the week – Saturdays (taken in the last week)
  • Sunday’s inspiration – Sundays (an inspirational piece)
  • Fun with words – Mondays (just for fun)
  • Legends – Tuesdays (ghost stories, legends,)
  • My dad’s story – Wednesdays: this is going to be finished soon, so I will figure something else to post
  • Thursdays and Fridays: catch up days
  • my thoughts for today: an evening or later in the day post, when I feel the need to share

Fun With words: I’m going to bring back 100 word sentences and also posts like A red herring is distracting. This is a post where I can have a little more fun!

What’s changing…

Nothing much, really. I do plan on starting up my estore – or whatever you call it – through WordPress. I think I mentioned it before…with my cat passing away last week, I’ve been focusing on just getting through. Soon, though, you will see my store. I promise. I think I will offer downloads, prints, and editing services. The prints I’m not sure about. How does that work, and all that?

Reblogging…I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that I’ve started reblogging some older posts. This is mainly so I can get it into one of my pages.

Now that summer is here, I won’t necessarily post like I do in the winter months.

I think that’s about all I have – for now anyway! So, if you’ll excuse me…I must get in the pool!

Hope you have a great day!
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a frog on the side of the pool with reflection and words

take care
stay safe
much love

100 Word Sentence

July 1, 2020

originally posted Sept 3, 2019

The Cantaloupe Vine

The little cantaloupe seed was planted in a garden in Frederick Maryland one cool spring day and it turned into a green vine that grew and grew and grew, and grew some more, until it reached around the whole world, the whole time producing the most delicious round fruit that people from all over would pick off of its vine as they walked by on their way to work, on their way home, or on their way to the beach, making the huge green vine very happy, knowing that it was feeding people, and in turn making the people happy.

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everything has beauty

July 1, 2020

picture of the day

nature’s spit 2
taken June 6, 2020
f-stop: f/9; exposure time: 1/400sec; ISO 200
focal length 55mm
available at Picfair

“Everything has its beauty
but not everyone sees it.”
~ Confucius

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July Birthday Greeting - 1151G - DRS Designs

July is filled with picnics, parties, games, and fun,
good times, friends and laughter
in the sizzling summer sun.
Your birthday’s just as special
as fireworks in the night.
May all your days and years
explode with pure delight.

take care
stay safe
much love

A red herring is distracting

June 30, 2020

originally posted Dec 23, 2019

Fun With Words

All of the info comes from the book The Weird World of Words by Mitchell Symons.

Down Snowy Lane
Word of the day: Gambrinous – the state of being full of beer

A word that changed its meaning over time: Artificial – originally meaning ‘full of artistic skill’

Reaching out from the darkness

A red herring is something of an irrelevance, something to distract attention from important matters.

“In the 19th century, a red herring was another name for smoked herring or kipper. During a hunt, if someone wanted to distract the hounds from following the scent of an animal, they would put down a kipper (red herring).” This would work extremely well, in fact, when training, the huntsman would use red herring so their dogs would learn to ignore the stronger smell.

It’s not hard to see how the term would be used to describe the “laying of false claims”.

remnants of yesterday

Did you know…?

  • Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll invented the word chortle – a combination of chuckle and snort.
  • The word freelance comes from a knight whose lance was free for hire.
  • Afghanistan, Kirghistan and Tuvalu are the only countries with three consecutive letters in their names.
There is beauty everywhere
Newspaper Headline: Police Discover Crack In Australia

“Words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean. Little audible links, they are, chaining together great inaudible feelings and purposes.” ~ Theodore Dreiser

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If Stu chews shoes, should Stu choose the shoes he chews?
~ tongue twister ~

Our house is lived in,
it’s not for show.
If you don’t like the mess,
you know where to go.

take care
stay safe
much love

Frederick County Legends: wings at midnight

June 30, 2020

This story comes from the book Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County by Canoon and Whitmore.

Hope you enjoy!

Wings at Midnight

“Late in the 1800’s, South Mountain House – now a restaurant called the Old South Mountain Inn – located about twelve miles northwest of Frederick, was poised atop South Mountain much like an old manor seat, then being the only building of any size for miles. Founded in 1732, as an inn for weary travelers, this old structure has had an interesting history. It is said that General Edward Braddock, accompanied by a young lieutenant named George Washington, marched his army past this old inn on his way to his death near Fort Duquesne in the French and Indian War. Later, in the 1820’s, it served as a wagon stand and stage coach stop along the National Road, now Alternate Route 40. During the Civil War, the old inn was briefly held as an overnight out-post and staging point for some of John Brown’s followers. Later, it was headquarters of the Confederate General D. H. Hill, during the battle of South Mountain.”
“South Mountain House, as we shall call it, is not only known for its history but for strange stories and legends associated with it.”

The Oldest Restaurant in Every State
Old South Mountain Inn
~ not my image ~

One night, a lady guest was preparing for bed after an evening of pleasant conversation. The summer night seemed more oppressive than usual, and it had been a long, wearying day. She sat by the window before bed, hoping to catch one last breath of fresh air. The view from the window during the day allowed for a magnificent view of the fields, which had once heard the dreadful cries of war. The fields were dark now.
All at once, she was startled by a bright light which was cast upon the house. There was not a star in the night sky, only inky blackness.
When she looked back out towards the field, she saw an eight foot tall, shrouded figure of human form, not fifty yards away. An eerie, bright light surrounded it. She quickly closed the window, not looking again at the shrouded figure.
When she realized that it was exactly midnight, she received a chill.
After a while, that summer gone, the story was scarcely remembered. One night, about a year later, the hostess of the inn heard a light tapping at the door. One of her guests was standing at the door,
“Sorry to disturb you madam, I have just seen a ghost.” the woman at the door stated. The woman told an eerily similar story as the woman a year earlier had told. They agreed not to mention the story to anyone else, as the old English clock struck midnight.
A couple of weeks later, the woman’s stay at the inn was about to end. The two ladies stood at the open window, reminded about the apparition a few weeks earlier. Suddenly, one of them leaned out the window, and yelled into the dark night “Who are you? Are you a lost soul?” Almost instantly, “two phosphorescent wings flashed and fluttered wildly in the grove a few yards away.” Just as quickly, the wings disappeared into the night.
The window was quickly shut, and the two women spoke of God.

At that very moment, the clock struck midnight.

Hope you enjoyed reading this story.
Have a great day!
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