Planting flowers

Unknown red flower

Love getting out and working in my gardens! The fresh air, the sun, the wildlife. Never know what will be found… I have no idea what this flower is, but it’s interesting. At least I think so. I was transplanting strawberries when I found this. Again, laying on the ground to get this.

And then I dug this up…


A little grub. I’m not one to freak out when I find a bug…I’ve had wolf spiders crawl across my hand, picked up a clump of dirt and there’s a snake! Instead of freaking out, I grab a camera. I’m just glad the pics turned out.

Daffodil with small bud
Daffodil with small blooms

After finishing planting bulbs – lily, iris, and something else ( can’t remember the name right now ) I walked around to see if any new flowers were blooming…found these daffodils. (above) I took pics of them earlier, but they weren’t blooming yet. Don’t know why they’re so small just the way they are! Then I found this daffodil…

Daffodil by rock path

I’m guessing squirrels – or a squirrel – planted it. I put this rock path in last summer, put some hostas alongside. They’re not growing yet.

Unknown woodland flower

This little clump looks like grass, but I assure you it’s not. It gets a little white bloom on top. I know it’s a woodland flower, but that’s about it. I’ll have to look it up. The clump growing behind it, up on the little knoll is border grass.


I know there’s a lot of leaves in my photographs, it’s part of where I live. Plus, they add a little texture to the pictures. Leaves are a natural shield during the winter months and they add nutrients back into the ground as they decompose…kind of like natural composting.

I do rake some leaves away as needed…to help flowers or trees grow better.

Here’s a picture where I have raked leaves away…not all, but most. For whatever reason, leaves always pile up here. More so than most other places…the only other place is beside the heat pump.

Another unknown woodland flower

One last image…

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