apple lumen print blue
original digital lumen scan

These are digital lumen prints (I’ll detail what lumen prints are in a future post – but it’s an alternative photo process). I say digital because after the image has been scanned into the computer, it is a different image. The original is one of a kind – can’t really be reproduced as an original, like a photograph.

Below is an original of a lumen print scan… untouched. There are some blemishes (that are not present in the actual original print). A little bit of detail on lumen prints…it requires photo paper (the kind you use in the darkroom – I’ve used color and black and white, they just have different outcomes. In fact, now that I think about it, I used color printing paper with black and white darkroom fixer.), the sun, whatever object you’re making a copy of, glass hold everything together (I also use clips, but you don’t have to) and fixer. It takes about 12 hours to “develop” the photo then you fix it. I have been known to let it develop for 24 hours – two days of sunlight!

original daffodil lumen print
deer moving through snow with cardinal on fence post in foreground

I know the deer are out of focus, but it showcases the struggle deer go through during the winter (in my humble opinion). I took this photo while I was still going to school at Shepherd University…I included it in one of my portfolio reviews. The teacher commented that while you really do want the subject to be in focus, this works because it shows struggle. (What do you think?)

peekaboo black snake

Ok, I have to admit something here…most of these pictures in this post have been rejected by shutterstock. Some I understand, others I don’t really. This one for example (above) was rejected because the subject is out of focus (and there’s writing – my copyright). I took the copyright out and submitted two photos…this one and one not so close cropped. Both were rejected. It’s irritating bc I can’t really showcase my artistic ability. If it really is out of focus, I understand…

blue butterfly cyanotype

This is one of my favorite cyanotypes that I have produced. I have others, that may possibly get included in my blog and hopefully shutterstock. I need to get the chemicals to do this – again this is one that requires sun and water…the chemicals are painted on watercolor paper, set it out in the sun for about 15 minutes (depending on how strong the sun is on that day) or so then rinse it with water and let it dry.

freaky old praying mantis

This praying mantis is on the hummingbird feeder…he looks really old. I cropped it close like this bc this is the best parl…too distracting. Looks like he’s peeking over the edge of the photo.

happy onion smokes digital lumen abstract

These are also lumen prints…the one on the left has been edited in photoshop, the one on the right is an original scan.

I took a slice of onion, stuck it on the paper with glass on top and let it sit. I can’t remember at this point if this was a 12 hr or 24 hr process, I’m thinking it was 12 hour.

Happy onion smokes lumen print

Moth lumen print
three versions of moth lumen prints
jumping deer

pictures with words

soft pink rose petals

dandelion fluff

Baby peony

Ok, that’s all I have for now. I hope you have enjoyed this so far. If you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch.

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