Spring has sprung 2019

Bleeding hearts
Azalia buds
lilac buds
weed with pebbles

Here’s the latest spring flowers I have for now! Most, if not all, are available for sale at shutterstock.com/g/hcmorris

Throughout the season, I will be adding more. There will be more blooms to come.

For my photos, I either use my cell phone (LG) or Canon DSLR.

red maple buds
red maple buds
Daffodil with raindrops
Baby peony
Peony new growth
Praying mantis nest on cable wires
Boulder with daffodil plants surrounding
New mint growth with concrete wall
Daffodil buds and blooms in the woods
Daffodil reaching for the sun
Hyacinth buds
daffodil bloom

daffodils iris and ornamental grass

dwarf daffodil blooms and bud
Blue and yellow day lily (?)
delicate fern with iris leaf
tulip leaves
yellow daffodil hanging down
white clover
more white clover
succulent new growth

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