In progress

Like it won’t always be in progress, but the stone pathway is not finished yet in the picture above. Now, I’ve got flowers on either side

before garden expansion

New garden on the way

This is from when I first decided to expand the garden. It started when we – my dad and I – decided to fix the bell post. It was rotten and needed to be fixed (below).

Putting the improved bell post back up

I felt very Amish working on this…we took everything off the post, broke the post (it was rotten), cut it off, put metal legs on and set it in concrete. The bell isn’t back up yet in this picture.

Getting the bell down was a challenge! My dad was going to use the ladder, pulled the van up alongside… everything he tried to do I stopped. It seemed way to dangerous!! At this point my dad is 70something and legally blind. We ended up using a rope and post – tied the rope to the bell and wrapped it around the post, then used the post to lift the bell out of the cradle. I held the rope while dad used the post. It worked!!! The only modern tool we used was an electric drill to drill holes in the post and metal legs, but other than that, everything was done by hand. As you can see, we’re using the mower to help stabilize the post while the concrete sets.

We put metal legs in concrete and set the post off the ground to help keep the post that much longer. You can’t see it here but there are four bolts (2 on each side). You take a bolt out of each side and you can lower the post for whatever reason…paint the bell or post, replace the post, add to it, whatever. It took us some time to finish, but it’s much better than it was.

After the bell post was finished, I started working on the garden.

ice covered
before arbor and gardens
After arbor and gardens

I’ll add a picture after the flowers start blooming

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