Mama and baby deer
Jumping deer, or is she leaping?
Two button bucks
I see you
So close to the house

The deer in the picture above and 3 below were out grazing. I have a crabapple tree in that area and had come to munch on them (I’ve seen raccoons, groundhogs, skunks out there eating them). I had come out on the deck for some reason and saw them…I grabbed the doot to keep it from slamming shut, grabbed my phone (it was the closest( and started taking pictures. I don’t know how I didn’t scare them, but they stuck around long enough. Some aren’t the best, but they’re good enough for this post.

Checking something out…or trying to hide?

I know…deer are everywhere, but when a person gets a chance to take a picture, you take it, right?

We’ve got a huge buck around but I haven’t been able to catch him yet. My boyfriend and I saw him this past winter real early in the morning, during the rut. There’s evidence of him too…but he stays in hiding.

Deer rub

I’ve been told deer love cedar-nearly destroyed it!

Crepe myrtle
My poor holly

Don’t know why he went after the holly or crepe myrtle, but he thinned them out for me. Maybe a little too much.

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