What can I really say about house plants? I have WAY too many! Ivy, spider plants, snake plants, peace lilies, sun stars, Christmas cactus, some kind if succulents, and some other plant I have no idea what it is. They keep having babies and I can’t just let them die!!

Spider plants, ivy and unknown

The plant in the top right (above) is what I really don’t know what it is. My mom had it ever since I can remember, it has had babies! I’ve got over 60 plants, I water them every week except in the summer when I put them outside (they’ll be going out soon).

My mom!

I get my green thumb from my mom! She had plants ever since I can remember, never as much as I have now, but they’ve always been around. My dad had a green thumb as well!

Some of these plants came from my grandmother as well. The ivy came from her place when we moved her into a nursing home. The succulents and peace lily we got when she passed away – someone sent us a potted plant that had peace lily, succulents, and ivy in it. It was very pretty…eventually I had to transplant them and put them in separate pots. The succulents keep having babies…

Ivy in strawberry planter

I love life, I guess that’s why I do so well with them. Animals too, but I’m not writing about animals. The ivy in the strawberry planter above is probably my favorite. I found it (the planter) a couple years ago under a bunch of junk. It had a huge crack in it – I glued it and is as good as new! When I put the ivy in it, it was just a tiny thing! You can see how big it as gotten!!

Snake plant and unknown

The snake plant in this picture is my favorite of the snake plants! It’s huge!!! It is said that it is one of the best to have in the house, it does a really good job cleaning the air.

peace lily

Peace lily…I originally had this in a big pot. I decided to seperate it! I was hoping only two pots, but I ended up with three. While I was putting aquarium rock in this pot, a piece broke off! I finished up and then glued it back together. I used gorilla glue and rope…good as new! Now I just need to paint it.

I put aquarium rock in my pots with plants. You can buy rock at any garden center, but it’s cheaper to buy aquarium rock. I also get little bags of different size rock/gravel at the dollar store – just to spruce things up a little. Mix it in with aquarium rock, gives it a little texture.

Spider plants, snake plants, ivy and Christmas cactus

Spider plants

Spider plants are interesting little plants. They produce babies from long stems that hang down from the main plant and prefer to hang, but will be happy sitting on a high shelf, as long as the babies have a way to hang down. The babies can be taken off and planted. That’s how I got so many of them. They usually came off when I’m moving them outdoors or back in.

Cats like to eat them. Usually is harmless for cats, it’s like heroin for cats. It can make them sick if they eat too much, but they (the cat) is usually ok. It’s probably best to try to keep the cat away from the plant, but (in my experience) the cat will probably find a way to get to it. My cat has learned – for the most part – not to eat too much. I have the most problems with him when I first bring the plants back inside for the winter.

I usually have good luck with the plants. Some of them I have killed. I had an aloe that I over watered and somehow I managed to kill African violets that my mom had and we got from my grandmother. For the most part, my plants are happy.

Christmas cactus

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