taken before I got started…got a lot to do

Mulching the gardens

getting started

It’s going to take me some time to get the mulching done! I’m feeling under the weather today…sick last night and not feeling up to par today. It’s kinda drizzly today, and I was supposed to work today, so I wouldn’t have gotten much done anyway.

putting mulch in the garden

Working by myself is long and tedious. But, on the other hand, if my boyfriend had been home I may not have gotten as much done as I did in the amount of time I did. In two hours I got four loads spread out in one garden.

It is very relaxing for me to do this kind of stuff. As long as I don’t feel rushed.

I used the tarp to help me spread the mulch. I initially only intended to use it in the wagon. Upon getting the mulch down to the garden, I thought it would be a lot easier to pull the tarp out and kind of roll it into the garden, rather than using the shovel to transfer it. I probably got it done in about half the time.

I’m about half way done in one garden. Got two more to go, plus some of my holly trees. My boyfriend suggested we do the trees as well. It would look nice to have mulch around the trees…I have, I think, 6 along the driveway. It would be nice, at least, until the trees fill out.

About half done with this garden

You can’t really tell it here, but there’s more garden to the left of the picture. It’s kind of in an “L” shape. As I get more accomplished, I will post more pictures.

This garden has azalia, iris, peony, daffodils, wildflowers, ornamental grass, and a cedar tree. Some animal or bird brought the grass and cedar tree. When I was spreading the mulch around I noticed a tiger lily. There’s also supposed to be gladiola, I think I need to dig it up.

The Mower Shed

Oh, the mower shed!

When we moved into this house, my dad put up a temporary shed. This was in 1990. It lasted til 2015…kind of.

It had a tin roof and had rusted through. In order to get the mower into the shed, you had to lean over to the side. If you bumped it, stuff would come crumbling down.

(I know I’ve got pictures of the shed before it was torn down. I’m getting a new external hard drive delivered tomorrow. My son is using the one I have now for his xbox 1, and I don’t have the energy to deal with it right now. When I get it, I will get all my stuff off of it and let him have the old one.)

dad working on the shed

When dad started working on this in 2015, I had just had surgery done and wasn’t allowed to do any heavy lifting, mowing, driving …pretty much nothing. I had my ovary removed and was cut for the second time from my bellybutton to my pelvic bone. Details of that is for another story. He knew I couldn’t really do anything to help.

You also have to know, he was legally blind! He could see, but not much and colors were off (what would be green to me or you would be purple to him). At this point, I don’t know who took him to get the supplies he needed. I don’t remember. It wasn’t me because I couldn’t drive. Maybe we got the supplies before my surgery, so it was there when he decided to start. (That seems plausible.)

The play house needs to be torn down at some point. It’s not really safe to go up there. I’m hoping the shed can be saved – since it only a couple years old.

It took him a little longer to finish the project than it normally would have and I worried about him the whole time he was doing it. (He used the table saw while legally blind – he’s been doing this stuff since he was a kid. He knew what he was doing – no major injuries! Wait til I tell you about cutting trees after the ice storm in 2014!!) Near the end, I was able to help him a little bit. Not as much as I would’ve liked to but some. It was at this time I almost sat on the snake I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. (BLACK SNAKES)

the reason I take my camera with me EVERYWHERE

If you haven’t read the post, I almost sat on it when taking a break. I heard some commotion behind me (I was almost sitting down), stood back up and looked and there was a snake!

That’s the finished shed. It now has a tarp on it that can be rolled up and a TON of tools. My boyfriend brought a bunch of tools when he came here. It’s almost overcrowded in there. Actually, it would be if I hadn’t moved stuff to the other side. The building used to be a playhouse. Now it’s storage…my boyfriend and I are renting a dumpster this summer or fall and getting rid of a lot of stuff. I moved some of the tools under the playhouse just to get them out of the way. (There’s really no room under there either.)

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Aubrey Hepburn

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