This post does have a little bit of a religious undertone, just wanted to forewarn you. Not the whole way through…the first two poems are a little (or a lot) religious. The second poem is funny though, I think everyone will enjoy it!

Yesterday, my boyfriend was home and decided to clean out the camper and get it better organized. I didn’t take pictures…it’s just too much to contemplate at the moment. I’ve gotten rid of a LOT of junk since my dad passed away, but there’s still more to do. We’re renting a dumpster sometime soon and getting even more out of here. It will feel good to have all this stuff gone!!

On to what was found!!

My boyfriend walked up onto the deck, I had just finished taking pics for the moment. He had a cup full of stuff and some papers. (Before this he had walked up with an address book…full of phone numbers and stuff! It was my address book from when I was in high school and right after! I had no idea it was in the camper… it probably came out of my old LeBaron. Memories….!!)

The goggles, I believe were probably my sons! I don’t remember wearing goggles at any time. I didn’t like them!

I was going to type this out, but I think it’s ok just the way it is! Something my dad must have saved.

“The Boss”

This one I think I need to retype. It reads…

“When God made man, there was only one. The various parts of the body argued who would be boss. The hands said they should be boss because they did all the work. The feet thought they should be boss because they took man to where he could do the work and get the food. The stomach thought is should be boss because it digested the food.The heart thought it should be boss because it pumped the blood that allowed the food to be digested by the stomach that reached the body. The brain said “I have to send all the signals to get each of you to your job, therefore, I am the boss”. The asshole said “I’ll show you who’s boss!” So, he clogged up and wouldn’t let anything pass. After a few days, the stomach ached, the hands were practically helpless, the feet could not carry the body, the heart was about to stop pumping blood, the brains signals were being ignored. To all this there is moral. “You don’t have to be a brain to be a boss. Just an asshole.””

I have no idea where my dad got these or how old they are. I imagine they are pretty old. It’s actually kind of funny. The first one… tells us to put our priorities in order.

This is a business card…probably from the time we got stuck on Hatteras Island during Hurricane Bob in 1991. We had gotten there and dad had started hooking everything up when he heard that there was a hurricane heading our way!!! Long story short, there was nothing we could do! By that time they were advising campers not to leave the island because of the wind…we had a 29 foot camper and a 1 ton, 4 door chevy (when the truck and camper were hooked up we were only about a foot shorter than a tractor trailer). So, my dad got some sand spikes (at least 18 inches long) and staked down the camper. We stayed in a motel room for the night. It was kinda cool! Seagulls were flying backwards, floating, upside down picnic tables, a scared cat (mom wouldn’t let it in!)…

Needless to say, the camper was ruined (being used for storage now). I don’t remember if we stayed to whole time, probably not! The wind had opened all the windows and vents, everything was soaked! The fishing was terrible, there were dead sea turtles on the beach…actually quite sad!

The hurricane and the fact that this was the last time we actually camped in Hatteras was probably the reason why my dad kept these.

Not sure about this…

some seashells

We have a TON of seashells that were collected over the years! They are now used as an edging around my mint garden (along with some rock). I put these in one of my flower pots, since they’re so small.

When my boyfriend handed me all this stuff, I had no idea what it was or that I would be writing about it today. As I was going through it, I realized it would probably make a pretty good post. I hope you think so!


our pet flamingo
purple flower

That’s about all I have for today…gotta start thinking about getting ready for work!! Hope everyone has a great day and an even better weekend!

“Today I will be happier than a vintage dealer with a truck load of junk” – boothcrush (

“There is no such thing as too much junk. There is however, such a thing as not enough room” – unknown

“Not all who wander are lost.Some are just looking for yard sales.”

– melissasantiques

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