First off, I have to say sorry for not posting anything yesterday! If I had, I wouldn’t have had anything to write about today… So everything happens for a reason!

May 24, 2019



Most people would think the picture above is nothing but weeds! Not me…as long as there’s no grass – and there is a little bit – I leave it. First off, there is iris, but they’ve died off already! (The only thing I consider to be a weed is grass, for the most part.) There’s beneficial plants in that picture… for bugs as well as humans. Clover, fern, some other kinds of wildflowers. There’s also morning glory, I do believe. I don’t think there’s any in this picture, but I do have mustard seed plant growing wild.

Mustard seed… yeah, it’s used to make mustard, but you need a TON of it to make just a little bit.

Morning glory…can choke out other plants. I will leave it for a while, but then pull it when it starts to take over the garden.

raspberry leaves

I usually don’t leave this in the garden, but…it’s so hard to get rid of! I do like the fruit, so in the fall when everything’s died off I mow everything down. Well, not everything, I do tend to leave some dead plants in the winter. It gives little critters a place to hide and if there’s any seeds, food. Plus, it could make for interesting pictures throughout the winter.

THe benefits of raspberries…they add fiber to one’s diet. (I have to add something here a little personal: I have recently been diagnosed with a mild case of diverticulosis. Nothing major as far as I know, they used to operate, but not anymore. No seeds, nuts and increase my fiber. I will be subject to stomach pains. I’ll go into detail about it at a later date, when I actually feel like writing about it and have more info.) Raspberries also taste good! I have a bunch of raspberry and blackberry plants growing wild on my property.

tiger lily seeds

Tiger lily seeds…can’t be eaten as far as I know, but the plants/flowers they produce are pretty. Hummingbirds and bugs (butterflies, ants…) love this flower. I have a ton of these too!

tiger lily bloom
abstract – seedy face
holly and rose

I really do need to get this holly tree out of the rose bush before it gets any bigger. Either this week or in the fall.

bird on a wire

Some day I’ll get the honeysuckle out of the rose bush as well!

orange butterfly

All these pictures were taken Friday!

On Saturday we went to the landfill and got some more mulch and then I weeded the rose bushes and one of my gardens. I haven’t gotten the pictures on the computer yet, but as soon as I do I will be sure to share.

May 25,2019

This is one of the gardens I worked on Saturday morning. Actually, the garden right up front and the rose bush in the back. It was taken a few days ago, before I knew I was going to work on this garden. I knew I needed to, badly, but I didn’t know I was going to do it this Saturday.

mushrooms on rotting stump

These two pictures (above) were taken on Saturday on our way to the landfill to get mulch. They’re growing alongside our lane. We used to have four pine trees growing, my dad had them cut down a few years ago…they were old and getting in the way of the power lines.

truck load of mulch…

Well, not quite a full load, but it should do us!

Monocacy River

This was taken on the way home.

After I finished weeding for the day, I rested. Knowing that I have to work tomorrow makes it hard to keep on keeping on. So, I do as much as I can and leave the rest for another day. (Oh, by the way, vines – like the one you see in the garden picture near the beginning of my post with the iris’ and rose bushes – are also weeds in my book! They overcorwd the flowers and will eventually pull them down.)

inverted blue holly
grey and green blue jay sphere

I don’t have any quotes today! I need to start getting ready for work. This afternoon I’m working on the pool. It’s ready to open!!! Just need to add chemicals and vacuum it! It’s ice cold, but I will survive!

Until next time…

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