Raw and true… that’s what today’s post is!

I was going through my pictures I downloaded yesterday and realized I hadn’t worked on the photos for this blog. Realizing that I need to work this morning, I don’t really have time to work on them… So you’re getting the unedited version. Most of them don’t really need work anyway.

May 27. 2019

So, away we go! Starting at the beginning (Friday) and working through Saturday! I guess this is a kind of continuation of Carefree Saturdays.

gigantic rose bush

When my dad planted this rose bush, he had no intention of letting it get so big! You can’t really tell it here, but it is HUGE!! This picture was taken before I started weeding it. There are spots that I can’t get to, like the top. Last spring, I fell in it while trying to reach some of the harder places. I was leaning in and…lost my balance. Knowing there was nothing I could do, I braced for impact, letting myself fall. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still hurt and I had cuts everywhere. Especially my knees, and hands/wrists. Of course, I didn’t get any pictures! My dad would’ve laughed…making sure I got washed off good, because cuts from rose bushes can lead to serious infections.

fallen rose

I thought I was cutting a dead branch off…oh well! It needed to be trimmed.

small rose bush

This was taken after I got the vines out of it! It took me most of the morning, and looking at the garden now, I realize that I missed a few. But it’s much better than it was. Like I said in an earlier post, the only “weeds” I see are grass and vines. The other stuff doesn’t really bother me.

more roses

This bush is a cutting/runner from the big bush. If you allow it, a vine will take root and start another bush. I cut it off, dug it up and dad helped me get another trellis made and in place for it. It’s hand made…two posts and wire, you can kind of see the wire in the picture above this one.

wrens eggs in flower pot

For three or four years now, we have had wrens nesting in this flower pot. Last year, when the babies left the nest, I was sitting in my chair…one of them landed on my head! Freaked me out, I threw my phone, realized what it was and laughed! They all left the nest and we didn’t hear from them again until this year! My boyfriend says he’s taking the nest out, even with the eggs in it. So far, he hasn’t.

some “weeds” and iris leaves

Field daisy and purple vine flower.

Not sure what this is, but the leaves are pretty!

close up of purple vine flower
field daisy

I really, really, really need to get the macro lens for my camera! I think it would come out better. It’s fine the way it is, I think, but it could be better.

wild onion stalk

They say that wild onions can be eaten, but they need to be cooked longer than you would normally cook an onion. They are very strong!!

abstract mushroom swirl

Well, that’s about all for today…unless I decide to post something again later. I did work on the pool yesterday, but the water is so disgusting I didn’t take any pictures. Maybe today I will, when I get home from work.

Happy Memorial Day To All!!!

And I will leave you with this…

“anyone who has time for drama is not gardening enough” – unknown

“you are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream”

– C.S.Lewis

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers…or weeds.” – unknown


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