I said I wasn’t going to put pictures on here showing my dirty pool, but I think I figured out a way around it. The water doesn’t look too bad here, but it still needs some work! Probably a couple days worth…keeping me very busy right now! I got all the gunk out of it that was left over from last year and that was dumped into the pool when the cover was taken off! So, now all I need to do is get the water clear…shocking it twice a day and letting the filter run as much as I can should do it. Since it’s an above ground pool, I can’t run the filter when the sun is shining on it (at least the filter, it wasn’t made for all that heat from the sun and from running it).

I already vacuumed it once today (around 730 this morning) and shocked it just now. I will be vacuuming it again this afternoon…and shocking it again, as long as there’s no storms around. And it is supposed to storm.

Now on to other things…

I am always walking around, looking for interesting photos to take. I try to get out and away from home as often as I can, but that doesn’t happen as mush as I’d like. My boyfriend says he’s going to take me fishing but it hasn’t happened yet.

a spider

A spider on the vinyl siding of the house… he (or she?) was being camera shy and wouldn’t let me get any other photos of it. Oh well, another day, maybe…

another spider on tiger lily plant

This one wasn’t so shy…

black eyed susan

Getting ready to bloom!

This flower is called “Grape expectations tiger lily”. It should be purple when it blooms. Shouldn’t be too long…I hope!!

Another Grape Expectations flower bud…

purple wildflower
pink rose and honey suckle
tiger lily seed and leaves

I am always picking up seeds off of the sidewalk and tossing them into one of my gardens. They like shade more than sun, but they will survive in full sun as well. Hummingbirds love them and I have them all over the place.

yellow flowers with ants
three wrens eggs
huge rose bush and truck

I said I was going to show you a picture that portrays how big the rose bush is… I hope this does it! The truck is pretty much right beside the bush, allowing enough room to get in and out.

My cat Kalimba…

I noticed him under the table and decided to take pictures… not sure how I realized he was there, but he was. He is definitely an interesting cat…and photogenic!

I love the expressions on his face…

No flash was used…

I wish I had more for you today, but it is how it is! I know some of my cat pictures are kind of dark. But, in my opinion, it adds mystery. What is he thinking? What is he looking at?

So, for today, I am going to say good bye! Got some other things to do… we will meet again, hopefully tomorrow, for tomorrow is another day!

“Whatever you can dream you can do. Begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!” – Goethe

“I never kill insects. If I see ants or spiders in the room, I pick them up and take them outside . Karma is everything.” – Holly Valance

I’m hoping to be able to upload some pictures onto my picfair page some time today. If I don’t get it done today, I will tomorrow!

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