Yesterday I worked…in my off time, I snapped some pictures and cleaned the pool. It is looking much better! Almost ready for a couple of swimmers. I think by this afternoon or tomorrow it will be ready. Some of these images were taken Tuesday evening, most were taken yesterday either before work or after.

purple bearded iris
ants on fallen flower seed pod

I didn’t know this until recently, but the green “bulb” is actually a seed pod. I had my suspicions, but didn’t know it for fact until a few days ago…maybe a week or so. I believe this (above) is an iris seed pod.

Not so sure I like this, but I’m still including it. I might take some more pictures of it in a little bit when I go and water my lilac transplants. The lilacs are looking kind of shabby…I hadn’t really watered them in a couple of days. The big ones look the worst…of course, the bigger the plant is that you transplant, the more water it needs. I know when you transplant trees, no matter the size, you need to water them for a year…staggering from twice a day to once a month. (twice a day for two weeks, once a day for two weeks, every other day for two weeks,once a week for two weeks, then once a month for the remainder of the year) I guess I should treat the lilacs the same way!

I can’t remember what these are, but they’re pretty. A friend gave them to me a few weeks ago. I planted these and the purple flowers above under one of my lilacs. I’m actually thinking of digging up the whole area around this particular lilac and seeing what grows…wildflowers wouldn’t be such a bad thing!! As long as there’s no grass.

I believe these are called sundrops…again, a friend gave them to me. They’re planted up closer to the house.

wilted iris
wild lettuce

This plant has medicinal properties…you take the sap and boil it and strain it, makes a substance that is stronger than morphine. The sap can also be made into a poultice and used on bruised skin, causing the skin to not bruise as bad.

I find all this natural healing info very interesting and nice to know. I may not ever use it, but on the other hand using plants to heal is much better than using the chemically produced stuff.

straight from the garden

You can believe that I ate half of them before they got inside. A couple of them needed to be washed off… There’s nothing better than eating fruit or vegetables straight from the garden!

three mushrooms

I’m going to be taking pictures of these mushrooms every day or so, until they are no longer. Every year, since my dad had the trees cut down and the stumps started to rot, at least one mushroom has grown on one of the stumps (there’s four).

They seem to change a little every day…maybe I’ll make a post about nothing but these mushrooms after they’ve gone kaput.

We were under threat of severe thunderstorms yesterday afternoon…we only ever got strong winds and a little bit of rain. The mountains to the west have something to do with the storms hitting or missing us (I think the mountains break up the storm…I’ve seen it where I’m standing on my property and it’s been storming to the north and south, but nothing where I’m standing. Kind of weird, actually!)

storm clouds abstract

My beloved tree frog! He finally came back yesterday!! He was actually croaking when I picked him up…I never hold him very long, just long enough to snap some pictured.

I know the subjects of this blog are in reverse order of my title for this blog… I did that on purpose! For some reason, I felt like ending this post with the frogs. So, this is how it is!

I hope you enjoyed!

And, as always, until next time…

“Close your eyes, open your mind, and listen to your heart.” – unknown

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you never spent the night with a mosquito.” – African Proverb

Why are frogs such happy animals?

Because they always eat what bugs them!

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