First, I have to say we’re ok. No real damage was done…we were under a tornado threat for an hour or so yesterday. Didn’t get any thing but heavy down pour and high winds! No damage was down that I can see… water ran through the property, almost looked like a river going through the back of the property.

I had taken this picture earlier in the day. I had been working on the “crooked maple tree” and decided to take this photo. (I will be blogging about cleaning up around the tree at a later date.)

This is exactly why we have the berm where it is. If we didn’t have it, all this water would be going under the camper and around the house. My boyfriend asked if the neighbors are partly responsible for water run off from their property…I think they are, but I have to look into it. The only problem might be is that going to them could cause a rift. But if I asked them to help because we want to put a garage up, it might not be a problem. They know water runs off of their property and onto ours.

No need to worry, I didn’t go out to take pictures until AFTER the storm. We were supposed to get another one behind the one with the tornado threat…if it rained we slept through it.

The picture above was taken under my pink dogwood tree. That’s the closest that “flood water” gets to our house. For the most part, anyway. The worst of it stays in the back of the property, diverted that way on purpose.

Luckily, I have been working on the berm lately. Every once in a while it needs to be done.

I could have kept going, but it looked like another storm was coming and I didn’t want to get caught out there with all that water and an umbrella! A few years ago we had a lightning strike take out our heat pump…it struck a black cherry tree below the house and traveled up the water to the house. Didn’t want that to happen to me!!


I, like I usually do lately, was walking around taking pictures and noting any work that needs to be done…when I got back to the house I saw this big guy on the sidewalk. This is exactly why I keep the screen doors locked almost all the time. We had one in the house a few years ago (about the same size)! Don’t really want to have to go through that again!!

He is big, about 5 feet long, but he doesn’t really scare me, as long as I can see him and it’s outside.

I believe he’s living under the sidewalk near the mint garden (he had slithered into the mint garden in the picture). I actually touched it to get it to curl up a little so I could get this picture.

They’re actually good creatures to have around…as long as they stay outside. They eat mice, which we haven’t seen any sign of in a couple of years!

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I don’t think I’ll post any quotes or abstract photos today. My boyfriend and I have a funeral to go to later this morning.

So, hope everyone has a wonderful day and I will be back in touch sooner rather than later!

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