Month: June 2019

Sunday’s quotes

You just looked at the clock! Didn’t you? Hope everyone has a great day!❤

Carefree Saturday 8June 30, 2019

Very relaxing day! I picked some wild raspberries and blackberries growing on my property. Spent the afternoon in the pool with my son and my boyfriend after he finished mowing. After a stressful week, Saturday was much needed! I’m sure I’ll do a post… Continue Reading “Carefree Saturday 8June 30, 2019”

Picture of the day 21June 30, 2019

Taken June 10, 2017 with my Samsung cell phone camera. First drop reflection I took, and I’d forgotten all about it!

Night photosJune 29, 2019

The image above and below are purple hosta flowers. These are all the night photos I have for this week, taken at twilight. “Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path… and leave a trail.” – unknown

Picture of the week 4June 29, 2019

Taken June 27, 2019 with my LG cell phone camera. This is the nest that was inside the flower pot. Now that the babies have left the nest, we won’t hear from them again until next year!

I need a caption

This picture of a cow’s nose needs a caption. A little back story: I was in the process of taking this baby cow’s picture, when he reached up to smell my camera. I’m gonna try something here…in the comments send me a caption for… Continue Reading “I need a caption”

Raindrop Reflection (2)June 28, 2019

Feeling better, still a little qeusy and a little bit of a headache, but not nearly as bad as this morning. I think it was stress and dehydration that caused it. “We’re as ephemeral as raindrops. We all fall, and we all land somewhere.”… Continue Reading “Raindrop Reflection (2)June 28, 2019”