I had to work til 1pm today and I wanted to get the pool cleaned before any storms hit…plus, we needed to go to the grocery store today. That is why I’m so late posting today. The pool is getting cleaner, the fridge is full and the sky is dark. Getting ready to storm…

So, yesterday was a pretty good day. Very relaxing…

trimming the fence line

We have about a half mile or so of fence line to clean up every couple of weeks. Of course, it all depends on how much rain we get. When it’s really dry the vines and weeds seem to grow the best.

It’s my neighbors fence, but if we don’t trim it up, it won’t get done and it’s hanging out into the lane and it’s a pain in the butt when it comes time to mow. My neighbor used to spray it a couple times a year, but he doesn’t anymore. Hasn’t in a few years.

My boyfriend trimmed the fence line while I worked in a couple of the gardens and the azalea bushes. Honeysuckle has gone rampant.

Not sure exactly what this is (above) but it’s interesting looking! It looks to be some type of cone, it is on the blue spruce pines that line our lane.

I just thought this was interesting, so I took a picture. Not sure exactly what kind of grass this is! (I need to get busy doing some research!!)

green berries

These berries turn orange and red in the fall…they’re the same berries that are used in the horn of plenty and other decorations in the fall. I believe they are called bittersweet. Can cause upset stomach and diarrhea, so I would not suggest eating them…just use them for decoration.

This is a mocking bird and I’m surprised it came out as good as it did. I only used the regular lens. As I got closer to it, it flew away…oh well.


It’s actually opening up a little…when I’m done here and I know it’s safe, I will walk down and get some more pictures. They produce a beautiful flower in early summer.

yucca…and weeds

It’s nearly impossible to get all the weeds out! The best I can do is trim everything back and try to make it look good. There is a mimosa tree growing alongside it that I trim back twice a year or so.

In the background is one of my holly trees I transplanted three years ago – give or take a year. On the left side of the picture is a sage tree. I’ve actually got two of them – both in different gardens (one is closer to the house) – both I did not plant!

Red and green

I just can’t wait for the raspberries (and blackberries) to come into season. We should have a bunch – and considering that I’m home more this year, I should be bale to get more than I did last year (last year I may have gotten a bowl full! – not much).

I think these taste better than store bought berries. Of course, I don’t put any thing on them – just let them grow!

spider and leafhopper

While I was getting all the honey suckle and blackberry bushes out of my sage tree I noticed these two bugs (the picture of the leafhopper didn’t turn out – bummer!). I have searched for the name of this spider – but I have yet to find it! I am determined to figure out what kind of spider this is – no matter how long it takes!!

grape expectations

This is a lily! Will be purple when it blooms – shouldn’t be long now! My tiger lilies will be blooming soon too. Hummingbirds love lilies… I’m trying to plant native plants as well as plants that pollinators and hummingbirds are attracted to. I just planted these purple ones this past spring.

black eyed susan

My black eyed susans are getting ready to open up! Actually, a couple already have. I will have black eyed susans now until we get our first freeze. If I can keep my boyfriend from mowing them down, that is!

This was actually taken on Friday, but I figured I’d include it.

clover flowers

I finished the day with this picture and the one below.

It seems like I didn’t do much and I don’t have much to write about… my stress level has gone way down since I decided that Saturday would be my day to do what I want. Not what everyone else wants me to do. I did go to the video store and get a movie (Band of Brothers) and I had to get some more shock for the pool. But no more running around like crazy on Saturdays… I have also started reading more lately! I used to read all the time, but didn’t have time for it since I started working (or I was too tired!)!

So, Carefree Saturdays is really working for me and I will keep it up until the end of time if I can!

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breath,trust, let go, and see what happens.” – Mandy Hale

(I’ve actually been saying this for quite a few years!)

“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.” – Amy Poehler

“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective” – Doe Zantamata

Happy Onion Smokes
(abstract lumen print)

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