While I was attending classes at Shepherd university, a professor once challenged us to “point and shoot”, using a dslr camera. With enough practice, a photographer can get pretty good.

He told us he’d hang his camera around his neck and walk around. Adjusting his camera as needed…without lifting his camera to his face. Of course, this was back in the day before digital cameras!

So, here’s a few of my images…

The first two, I was showing my boyfriend the concept behind this technique. They are not cropped or edited in any way. Not bad, in my humble opinion.

The following I did crop a little, but they’re still point and shoot.

When photgraphing nature in this way, you can say “that’s what I wanted to focus on” and leave it at that, for the most part.

Some of the images are in manual focus mode, some are automatic, but all are in manual shooting mode.

I was going to add details for each individual photo, but my battery is getting low and my phone is acting up. Next time I do a point and shoot post (next week?) I will be sure to add the details.

So, until next time…

Don’t let the rain keep you inside! Use it to your advantage!

Peace and love to all!!

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