Night photo 1
Black eyed susan

When I was taking classes at Shepherd U, I was taking photos all the time. ALL.THE.TIME! Day, night, rain, shine…it didn’t matter. I’d climd a tree (if it was safe enough), lay on the ground (even if the ground was wet), do almost whatever it took to get the picture.

I’m starting to do that again…

Night photo 2
Shiny black eyed susan

It had rained the night I took these…that’s why they look waxy.

Night photo 3
Another black eyed susan
Night photo 4
Yet another black eyed susan

Sorry, all I have is black eyed susans right now. Next time I will have more of a variety! Promise!!🐞

Night photo 5
Point and shoot black eyed susan

Some of the images are point and shoot, as well as being night photos. I couldn’t tell you exactly which ones are, except the one above definitely is. I don’t think I need to tell you that I used the flash…one of these days I will set up the tripod and shoot without.

Night photo 6

Another point and shoot…

So, I will be posting more night photos! Once a week…

Until tomorrow…

Hope everyone has a great Saturday and an even better weekend!

“Where the blue of night

Meets the gold of day

Someone waits for me”

– Bing Crosby

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