June 18, 2018

So, I decided to make today’s post about frogs abd toads…specifically the differences between them.

Toad on my shoulder
Frog enjoying the pool

So, what is the difference?

I found 7 differences on the internet (sciencbob.com) worth mentioning.

First, both frogs and toads begin life as tadpoles in water. They both are part of the same family in the animal kingdom.

Ok, now on to the major differences:

1) habitat

Frogs usually live in water (except for tree frogs, but they still need water close by…you wouldn’t believe how many frogs I have found in my pool!), toads live on land and can be found in fields, gardens and forests.

2) eyes

Frogs eyes are round and bulge out from their heads; toads are shaped like a football, do not stick out and they have glands behind their eyes that produce a poison. When a toad feels threatened this poison oozes out from the glands and can make animals sick. My toads eyes seem to stick out…I guess it’s how much they stick out?

3) legs

Frogs have long, powerful legs. Toads back legs are much shorter and not as strong. For this reason, toads prefer to crawl or walk. In my observations, this is true but they can hop, just not as far. They tend to be short, quick hops where frogs can hop or leap long distances.

4) tongues

Frogs have long tongues where toads have short tongues.

5) skin

Frogs have smooth moist skin making them look slimy. Toads have dry, rough, bumpy skin.

6) eggs

Frogs lay a clump or cluster of eggs where toads eggs form a chain. Some toads have live birth(s).

7) teeth

Most frogs have teeth in their upper jaw and use them to stop prey from escaping. Toads don’t have teeth. Both swallow their prey whole.


Some toad facts:

– a group of toad is called a knot

– are nocturnal creatures

– hibernate through the winter

– in the wild most toads live 3-5 years, can live to be 39 years in captivity



– the color of a toads skin can change depending on the soil of its habitat, skin color can also change during mating/breeding season.

– when toads mate it’s called spawning


Strange facts about frogs:

– Frogs don’t need to drink water, it is absorbed through its skin.

– Frogs and other amphibians are excellent biological indicators of the wider health of ecosystems.

– In Egypt, the frog is the symbol of life and fertility.


There’s a frog in the house!

So…those are the major differences between frogs and toads. Althoughgh, I have to add that frogs seem so much happier than toads! At least that’s my observation.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Until tomorrow…

“Birth, life, and death…each took place on the hidden side of the leaf.”

– Toni Morrison

*I know we have tree frogs and toads here, still not convinced that the brown ones are toads or frogs. I’m pretty sure they’re toads, but…

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