1420 photosSTRANGE FACTSJULY 2, 2019

**Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this, I just haven’t been in the mood to do much of anything. Still not, really, but here I am. Sooner or later, I’ll blog about this but not right now.

Bug on yucca flower

People can suffer from a psychological disorder called Boanthropy that makes them believe they are a cow. They try to live their life as a cow.

Tiny bugs on a plant

The name for the shape if Pringles is called”Hyperbolic Paraboloid”.

Beetle on black eyed susan

Mr. Potatohead was the 1st toy to be advertising on television


A duel between two people is actually called a truel


The stage before frostbite is called”frostnip”

Blue Lily

Snails have 14000 teeth and some can even kill you.


Hope everyone has a better day than I’m having!

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  1. So that’s why i’ve been munching on grass, lol🐄🐄🐄

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