I took 98 pictures today…I’m going ahead and doing this post, so I can move on to other things. Like get in the pool, it’s 91 degrees in Frederick, with humidity it feels much worse!

So, for now, here’s a few of the best (unedited) photos I took today!

The first place we stopped, we caught this little catfish. My boyfriend threw it into the woods…you’re not supposed to throw them back because they’re invasive, not indigenous to the river.

Marshy water

This is alongside the C&O Canal path that we took to get where we were going. On the other side is railroad tracks… for those that know the area, we went to Knoxville (close to Harper’s Ferry).

purple wildflower

We were actually fishing to the left of this area, and had to walk through the water to get there. That’s what old shoes are for, right?

I know the sun’s a little harsh, I will fix that when I edit it. It is a pretty picture, in my humble opinion!

Potomac River Seashells

Believe it or not, the area is actually quite sandy.

Ok, here’s some pictures of some of the fish we caught that we were able to keep.

4 catfish
6 hanging fish

The photo above has been edited!

Ok, that’s all I have for now… I will post more about fishing on the Potomac tomorrow! Maybe! I do have Carefree Saturday’s to do tomorrow, so I’ll be posting about that I’m sure.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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