THINGS WE FIND – on the Potomac River

July 11, 2019

Yesterday (July 10, 2019) we went on a road trip – my boyfriend and I. We drove up 70 to 68 and got off, heading towards Green Ridge State Park, in Western Md. We went through the entire park, found a campground we will probably go back to and camp, drove into Wiley Ford, WV (to try and find the house my dad grew up in). We found the road, I think, but didn’t recognize any houses. From there we drove into Cumberland, got all kinds of turned around and frustrated and headed back to Green Ridge Park to do some fishing. I’ll give more details…but we ended up fishing on the Potomac River at Town Creek.

We were going to keep this turtle shell, but we thought it was too damaged. In all reality, I could’ve brought it home and put it in one of my gardens. Oh well!

discarded shoes

A good day!

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