Road Trip – Western MD (3)

The End!

Ok, I need to explain myself here. When I load my photos onto the computer, I work on them from the end and work forward. It’s the way I’ve always done things. And I took way to many photos to just pick some, around 120 photos. Just on the road trip!!

So, all the photos for this road trip will be from the end to the beginning. Nothing like working backwards… 🙂

In this post: Paw Paw West Virginia (WV), Town Creek Aquaduct (fishing),

Paw Paw West Virginia

From where we were, it made sense to go through Paw Paw and hit 70 to get home, rather than head back up to Cumberland MD. It took about the same amount of time…and we got to see things/places we haven’t seen in a while.

Paw Paw, WV has an old tunnel that is part of the C and O Canal – my grandfather helped restore it in the 1930’s, after some major flooding damaged it. He was part of the CCC – Civil Conservation Core, which sent young, unmarried men (teenagers) to work from 1933-1942.

Catfish in the cooler

It’s probably a good thing we didn’t catch any other fish…we wouldn’t have been able to put many more fish in the cooler. A few, depending on the size, but not many!

30 inch catfish

This is the catfish I caught! My boyfriend took the rod from me because he thought I was just snagged on something. I knew different! He didn’t fight until he got closer to shore.

It was the only fish we caught that was worth keeping. The first fish I caught, we think was a baby Blue Gill, which we ended up using for cut bait. That’s what you see along side the catfish! We even got to reuse the bait!! But, we didn’t catch anything else!

Town Creek Aquaduct
Potomac River at Town Creek, MD

On the other side of the river, just beyond the first set of trees, there are railroad tracks. I didn’t take any photos of the train – I probably should have. Cumberland is only a few miles up the road from Town Creek.

Just a neat looking tree
Hanging on

After the first catfish was caught, I decided I was going to go for a swim in the “creek” that joins into the Potomac River. As I was walking along looking for a good place to enter the water, I slipped in the mud! I didn’t get hurt…the mud was “slick as ice”, as my boyfriend put it. As I took a step with my left foot and was transferring the weight off of my right, my left foot slipped and I went down…on my right foot. So, my right foot is under my butt and my left foot is straight out in front of me…and now I have to get in the water to rinse off, as my hands and right leg up to my knee are covered in mud. My right knee hurts a little, but not too bad. I guess I’m lucky.

mountain views

After we left Cumberland, we were going to go back to Green Ridge and do some fishing. We drove, and drove, and drove some more. Nothing! I have to tell you, when we started out, we got mixed up somehow and ended up on a road – Orleans Road – that we weren’t supposed to be on. We ended up kind of where we were supposed to be, just a little further down the road. So anyway, we decided to turn around and go back to Town Creek… I took this picture at the turn around spot. In the valley is Town Creek.

I-70 fog
you should be able to see mountains in the background

I’ll end this post here! I’ve actually skipped a few photos – but I’ll include them in my next post. The next road trip post – western md part 2 – will be about our drive up and going through the park the first time. Hopefully I’ll be able to whittle it down to two posts, it might be three.

Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time…stay safe, be happy and have a wonderful day!

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