July 13, 2019

exploring the country side

Town Creek Mountain View

More of Town Creek

where I fell

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll remember that I fell while deciding where to enter the water to go for a swim. The heart in the photo above depicts the general area where I fell.

The photo was actually taken before we decided to go fishing here. Before we headed into Cumberland, we stopped to see what the aqua duct was like.

You can’t see it here, but there’s a turtle swimming in the water under the branch on the right side – pretty close to center. I tried cropping it, but I was too far away. If you look at the branch that is close to center and come forward and slightly right you should be able to see a little black/dark brown spot…that’s the turtle.

the trail we took to get to our fishing spot

You can’t tell it here, but the trail gets pretty steep…again, I didn’t know we were coming back here.

old railroad bridge and C & O Canal

I’ll post sometime about the C & O Canal, but here’s some basics…

  • it runs from Washington, DC to Cumberland Maryland, along the Potomac River
  • was supposed to go all the way to Ohio (Cleveland, I think?), but the government ran out of money, so it ended in Cumberland
  • is now a hiking trail and there are spot where there is camping, although you can “overnight camp” if you’re hiking the trail through, most people just make a day of it and have someone pick them up at point b (my parents and my grandfather did this before we – my sister and I – came along, my grandmother would drop them off somewhere (Harper’s Ferry, maybe) and pick them up further up the road (Fort Frederick?))

Where the trail is, is where the boats used to go through

black and blue butterflies with a little bit of orange


  • Town Creek is an unincorporated community in Allegany County, MD
  • Lies on the Potomac River within Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal National Historic Park across the river from Okonoko, West Virginia (WV)
  • takes its name from the nearby stream, Town Creek, which is 41.6 miles (66.9km) long, is a tributary stream of the Potomac River, and is formed from confluence of Sweet Rock Creek and Elk Lick Creek
  • flows south along base of Warrior Mountain into Allegany County MD
  • the C&O Canal crosses it at the Town Creek Aquaduct, empties into Potomac about 4 miles east of Oldtown, MD

Where we stopped to get some ice and live bait (worms). No one had any other live bait, such as shiners (minnows?), night crawlers. We even stopped at a grocery store to look for chicken livers, no luck.

Fifteen Mile Creek

This is also part of the C & O Canal, at 15 Mile Creek

Dumping into the Potomac River

Geese on the Potomac River

So, this is all I have for today on our road trip experience. There’s still at least one more post…when I get it all edited and posted I will number them so they will be in the correct order.

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