July 24, 2019

First, I have to tell you that my doctor’s appointment went as expected. The most important detail is No Cancer!!! Although they did remove polyps (3) and they were precancerous. She made the comment that “You like to grow polyps.”, which means that the polyps they remove 1) grow fast 2) will develop into cancer if I don’t have them taken care of. I have the colonoscopy done every three years! And after three years, I have more polyps.

I am young to be having colonoscopies done (42) and this is my third one…the first in 2012, I think. I’m not sure at this point…all I know is every time they find polyps, they are precancerous, and there is a family history. The doctor also said she didn’t care what was going on in my life, I need to have it done. So, in three years I will be going back.

Ok, that’s over with…now on to my post!

female Cardinal building a nest

About a month ago, my boyfriend and I watched with great interest as the Cardinal built her nest. The male was always close by. It took almost all day long…

It’s in the white dogwood tree near the deck. Very easy to spot…but not in the best place. Well, it is in a tree, but the branch that she chose wasn’t the most sturdy. I’m guessing they are young Cardinals.

The next day, we had a wind storm and, at this time, the Cardinal was still sitting on the nest. But she didn’t stay for long. I believe that by the end of the day, they had abandoned the nest. There were times throughout the day that the branch was straight up and down… the cardinal stuck it out for as long as she could.

Now, the nest is sitting there empty.

Did you know…

  • Cardinals are typically the first bird to visit feeders in the morning and the last to visit in the evenings
  • The Northern Cardinal’s name dates back to the time of the United States founding colonists, stemming from the similarity of the males’ vibrant red plumage to the red biretta and vestments of distinguishable Catholic cardinals.
  • Northern Cardinals are classified as granivorous animals because they live on a diet consisting of mostly seeds. Their short, stout, cone-shaped beaks are specially designed to crack open the hulls on seeds and shells on nuts.
  • During courtship, affection is expressed by the males feeding their females seeds in a method known as “beak to beak.” If you choose to let your imagination run wild, you could certainly say that the birds look like they are kissing!
  • Occasionally, a lack of the typical red pigment in the plumage occurs and is replaced by vibrant yellow or orangish pigments, which results in a yellow cardinal. The appearance of vibrant yellow Northern Cardinals is typically caused by a genetic plumage variation called xanthochroism.


Abandoned nest

It’s kind of sad to know that the nest has been abandoned. But that’s way of nature…I’m sure they built a nest (quickly) somewhere else.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! It’s hump day!! YAY!!

“Every day might not be good, but there is something good in every day.” – unknown

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