July 28, 2019

A tree frog, some butterflies, spiders, and bees

Be prepared for a lot of photos…19 to be exact! I took about a hundred photos!! A very good day indeed!! Very relaxing!


We did go on a road trip – visited my boyfriends buddy – but I didn’t take any photos. Being on major highways doesn’t really inspire me, but I had both my cameras anyway, just in case.

My day started out taking photos of my little frog friend… it was actually soaking up some water in the top of the hummingbird feeder.


Then, I went out to cut back some grape vine that has started to grow into a maple tree we have growing on the property. I almost walked into this spider web (above)! It was huge! Actually, there was a lot of spider webs all over the place out where I was headed! And they were huge!! I’m glad I grabbed the camera before heading out. Otherwise, I would’ve had to go back to the house and grab it.


I have no idea what kind of spider this is, but it’s creepy looking! Looks alien…

And butterflies! I need to head out to this part of the property more often! Ah, before I headed out to cut back the grape vine, we saw a fox. And of course, I didn’t have my camera ready! We have a fox living on the property somewhere, haven’t been able to find the den. I’ve actually seen the fox – or a fox – running around quite a bit. My boyfriend’s only seen it twice!

Orb spider

After we got back from visiting my boyfriend’s buddy, I managed to get these pictures of the hummingbird! I’m glad I moved the feeder… I did this so I could get pictures of the frog!


And then, I was getting in the pool and saw this little moth on a leaf in the pool! I guess it’s actually a butterfly…I’m not sure at this point!

Took some pictures of it in the pool, then pulled it out! And…it clung to my nail, seeming to say “thank you”!!


I put some fresh water out for the hummingbirds, hoping I could get a picture of it at this feeder. But I got bees instead! If you go to my facebook page (Holly’s World), you can see a video of the bees! They’re actually pushing each other off, one flew into the camera screen and landed on me!

So, that was my Saturday! As I said earlier, very relaxing and carefree!!

“Saturday afternoons = When relaxation meets opportunity.”

– unknown

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