1269 Photos: More Spiders

August 5, 2019

It is Monday – today is National Underwear Day (woo hoo!), Oyster Day (YUM!) and Work Like A Dog Day (Umm, does that mean I get to be lazy, or do I have to work like a herding dog?)! Couldn’t pick just one…

So anyway, on to my spiders! I don’t kill them – even in the house (for the most part). I will knock the webs down…but otherwise they are safe with me. If I can, I try to get them back outside. I’ve seen spiders attack and kill stink bugs, so in my book…that’s a good thing! (Praying mantis’ and wrens also eat stink bugs and I’ve been told chickens do too!)

“I excel at pulling strings!” said Arachne. “I’m a spider!”
– Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena

Alien Spider Spins A Web
  • Micrathena
  • “Spiders so large they appear to be wearing the pelts of small mammals.” – Dave Barry
Angry Spider
  • Jumping Spider
  • “Like delicate lace,
  • So the threads intertwine,
  • Oh, gossamer web
  • Of wond’rous design!
  • Such beauty and grace
  • Wild nature produces…
  • Ughh, look at the spider
  • Suck out that bug’s juices!”
    • – Bill Watterson, Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
Saved From The Pool
  • Bold Jumper

“Learn from spiders. Sometimes you need to walk sideways”
― Maureen Joyce Connolly, Little Lovely Things

Looks creepy, but harmless
  • Common Orb Weaver/Orchard Orb Weaver
  • “Don’t worry, spiders, I keep house casually.”
  • – Robert Hass, Field Guide
Nursery Web Spider(?)

The spider above is either a nursery web weaver or a fishing spider. I’m leaning towards a nursery spider.

“Dear little not-so-innocents, beware of Old Grandmother Spider: rump her endearments – She’s not quite as nice as She looks, nor you quite
as tough as you think.” – W.H. Auden

Who knows what will happen today! I have a feeling a nap is in my very near future. I didn’t sleep well (didn’t go to bed til 9pm, woke up at 2am. My parents always told me that if you can’t sleep 1) you’ve probably gotten all you need 2) get up and do something. You might be able to get back to sleep. At this point, I might as well stay up and take a nap later!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Have a great day, evening or night – where ever you may be!

“Good morning. Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday.” – unknown

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