Just A Photo: Part Two

August 9, 2019

In the last “Just A Photo” I said I would explain the technique to prove that a photo is yours. So, here it is…

I said that my name is somewhere in this picture…

There it is!

When I was pretty much finished working on the top photo, in PhotoShop, I clicked on the text icon. If you’ve worked in photoshop, you know you work in layers when manipulating photos (anything more than basic touch up). For me, I add my name, but you can do just about anything you want. Even just a mark somewhere in the photo will do. As long as you know it’s there…

This text layer you make almost completely invisible, flatten the image and you’re done. To show my name I equalized it.

Not all of my photos will have my name across the top like this. Some are just tiny “HCMorris” hidden in the shadows or somewhere that’s not noticeable.

Hope this helps someone out! If you want to know more, just let me know.

Thanks for visiting!

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