Carefree Saturday 14

August 11, 2019

A Buggy Saturday

I’ve actually got a few photos for you today, and for the most part they are in order. All of these pictures were taken within an hour! There’s a bunch more, but this is what I was able to finish.

One of the first things I have to tell you is that I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday. Not sure how exactly, but I think I aggravated it while my boyfriend was power washing the front of the house. He had the ladder propped up, but not on stable ground…in fact, one leg was totally off the ground. He told me to just hold it, keep it from slipping. He took one step and the ladder slipped over. He fell, the ladder fell, and now my back is hurt.

After that, he told me to just leave, he’d take care of it himself. When I got in the pool, I noticed my back was hurting. Been using the heating pad ever since. I slept with it last night, sitting here now with it on my back.


These little flowers are hidden up close to the house. I have another group, but I believe they got eaten. Which is a good thing. Because now I have monarch butterflies!!! I will be planting more in the spring – as well as other native plants.

two black eyed susans

These black eyed susans are in the same garden that the eaten up milkweed should be.

yellow caterpillar with white fuz

If anyone knows what type of caterpillar this is, please let me know. I searched for a while yesterday, but couldn’t find a name.

Sleepy fell asleep

I found him on the ground and I actually took a picture, then placed him on top of this brick so he wouldn’t get mowed. It’s a pot sitter.

cicada shell

Oh the stories I could tell about some of the pictures I take! This one looks like it’s climbing into a hole in a tree. Kinda creepy!

my eyes are bigger than my stomach

Another bug I have no idea what it is! Some kind of fly…

way too much pollen

This poor little guy is so covered in pollen it can barely move.

can’t get enough!

There’s another caption I could use, but it’s not really appropriate. Can you think of another caption for this picture? Please send me a comment if you could! I’d love to hear (or read!) it!!

the butterfly and the holly

Anybody heard of “The Holly and the Ivy”? It’s an old song…worth googling if you get the chance.

So, over all I had a pretty good day – nice and relaxing. Except for pulling a muscle in my back. I took off today so I can rest it…hopefully I will be ok to work tomorrow. My back does feel a little better, so as long as I rest I should be ok. Sending my boyfriend to the store by himself, with a list!

There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”

  • Amy Poehler

Hope everyone has a great day! Don’t go and pull any muscles!

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