August 12, 2019

taken with my LG cell phone camera

A Basket of books I have yet to read!

This is going to be shorter than I originally thought. I was working on this a few minutes ago and I lost it…it’s just gone!

So, to recap real quick…

This is in my library…which used to be my parents bedroom. They both died in this room (in Hospice care) and I can’t bring myself to move in. So I made it a library. I have another stack or two of unread books else where in the library. When I take one out of the basket, I will put another one in.

We are Redskins fans, but we don’t watch a whole lot of football anymore. I won’t get too political here, but when a certain someone made the game political we pretty much stopped watching. It wasn’t fun anymore!!

The metal western town Music Hall toy used to be my dad’s. He used to have the whole set up, but lost it all except this one toy.

In my last reading post, I said that I was going to be doing more reading (or something like that). Well, I haven’t picked up either of my books (Wicked or Unlucky 13) this past week. I will do better this week! I hope.

And on a side note, my back is feeling better and I should be able to make it to work today. My boyfriend is going to put icyhot on my back here shortly.

Not sure if I’ll post anything else today! So, if I don’t…

Have a great day!!

Thanks for visiting!!!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

Today is National Middle Child Day!

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