1269 PHOTOS: Night Photos

August 16,2019

Purple Glads at night
Red White and Green
Purple Sunrise on the Potomac
Sunrise on the Potomac
tree frog at night

Just an inverted photo of the tree frog above. I kinda like it…looks alien or creepy, or both. What do you think?

So…another update! We got the toilet fixed!!! Something to be happy about, right? We took the tank off and cleaned it up then went to Lowe’s to get the replacement parts we needed. The nuts and bolts had rusted hence the leak, plus the gaskets had rotted. Both the gaskets for the bolts and the gasket where the tank connects to the bowl. At Lowe’s you can get one kit to replace the bolts, nuts and gaskets for $5! You don’t have to buy everything separate. It comes with 2 bolts, two nuts, 4 washers, 4 gaskets to go with the bolts and 1 (large) gasket/ring to go between the tank and bowl.

While we were cleaning up the tank, we noticed a small, hairline crack…it doesn’t go all the way through, so we should be ok…as long as it doesn’t break or completely crack!

That’s my update for today!! Hope you enjoyed and maybe learned something new!

Have a great day, night or evening where ever your life has taken you!

“Beauty is a harmonious relation between something in our nature and the quality of the object which delights us.” – Blaise Pascal

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