1269 PHOTOS: Cicadas

August 24, 2019


  • “Cicadas are the elders of the insect world. Some species of cicada live as long as 17 years, though most of the time is spent underground.
  • They are herbivores and invertebrates
  • live up to 17 years
  • are 0.75-2.25 inches long
  • “There are two groups of cicadas: dog-day cicadas and periodical cicadas. Dog-day cicadas are very dark with greenish markings and spend four to seven years underground before emerging in July and August. Periodical cicadas are dark with red eyes. They emerge in late May and early June after 14 to 17 years underground. New groups of young are born every year, so every year different generations emerge.

I think we have the dog day kind here in Maryland, never noticed any with red eyes.

  • “Female cicadas lay from 200 to 600 eggs in tiny holes made in branches and twigs in trees and shrubs. Cicada young—called nymphs—hatch from the eggs and immediately drop to burrow underground, where they attach to tree roots. The nymphs remain attached to the roots, sucking tree sap, for most of their lives. When the dormant period ends, the cicada emerges from underground at sunset, guided only by instinct, and climbs the trunk of a nearby tree. There the cicada’s skin sheds, allowing the adult cicada to emerge.
  • “Above ground, male cicadas fill the air with shrill buzzing sounds, the result of small drum-like plates on the abdomen that the cicada vibrates rapidly. While many people find the sound annoying, the male cicada uses it to attract female cicadas for mating. Both male and female cicadas die after about five weeks above ground.”


“It’s okay to spin around and around in the same place. Just so long as you’re singing your heart out. THAT’s what life’s all about.”
– Chica Umino, Honey and Clover, Vol. 4

Hope everyone has a great day where ever you are!

Today is National Maryland Day (Go Maryland!!), National Waffle Day and National Peach Pie Day!! Come on over to Maryland and have a waffle or two and a slice of peach pie!

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  1. I was just telling my granddaughter today that I found a shell from one on my wisteria vines. Really excellent information Holly!

    • they’re all over the place here! I was gardening yesterday and got one in my hair somehow!! No picture of it though 🙁

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