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August 27, 2019

Just to recap from last week:

In the last post I talked about a theory that the nursery rhyme was based on ‘Coel Hen’, an ancient king of Wales and how I am directly related to him. According to research done, there is no proof that this is in fact who the nursery rhyme is based on. It is all speculation. I do know that this popped up in my family research and is quite interesting, if it is in fact true. One thing I didn’t mention is that he (Coel Hen aka Old King Cole) is my 23rd great grandfather, if I made the connections right (I’m pretty sure I did!).

Now, on the COLE-brook theory!

It was suggested in the 19th century by William Chappell (an expert on popular music) that “Old King Cole” was rally “Old Cole”, aka Thomas Cole-brook. Thomas Cole-brook was a (supposed) 12th-century Reading cloth merchant. His story was recorded (written down) by Thomas Deloney in Pleasant History of Thomas of Reading c.1598. The name “Old Cole” had some special meaning in Elizabethan theater, but it is unclear what is was. (wikipedia)

So, those are two theories so far. Which theory do you like? I like the ‘Coel Hen’ Theory, for obvious reasons. Do you know of any other theories?

Next week, I will go a little deeper into the tale of Thomas Cole-brook. There’s a story there, and I think it’s interesting, but too much for this post.

Hope you enjoyed!

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