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Sept 5, 2019

Alien Butterfly

Welcome to Holly’s Alien World! This is a new series I’m starting, and I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to go… it’s a work in process! All this is, is a photo inverted in photoshop. At some point, I’ll show the original. It might be tomorrow’s picture of the day. We’ll see how it goes. It might be like a picture of the day, I might put a story with it. Who knows!!

“I’ve got some alien blood in me.” – Rob Dyrdek

Later on today, I’ll do the reading post…I don’t really have anything together. I’m thinking I’ll post about Dr. Seuss, one of my favorite authors.

So, until then, I hope everyone has a great day!

Today is National Macadamia Nut day, National Newspaper carrier Day and National Wildlife Day. Go thank your newspaper carrier, eat some macadamia nuts and enjoy some wildlife!!

Thanks for visiting!!

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