Carefree Saturday 19

Sept 15, 2019

Finding Motivation

I had a terrible time getting motivated yesterday! But, I grabbed the camera and started walking around. It always seems to help. Some of these photos are available on pinterest and others are available on picfair. Not all, mind you.

After working on this last night, I realized that I need to do something different. But I’m not sure exactly how to do it quite yet. The photos I upload to picfair aren’t available for about 24 hours. They’re there, but just not available yet.

I’m not quite sure how or what I’m going to do…

And Sunday’s are the hardest days because I work so early, and it’s the longest shift I have all week.

Something will work out. Somehow…

sometimes they come back

I had noticed a few weeks ago that this plant (above) had died. I left it alone, thinking it might come back. And it did! Like I need all the house plants I have, but that’s the way it goes. (I have around 70, not including my begonias.)

Some of my hostas are getting ready to bloom again. I guess all the warm weather we’ve had recently is fooling them. It has been unseasonably warm here!

Working On The Compost

After walking around a bit, I decided to work on my new compost pile. The old one was/is full so I need a new one. I had started a few weeks ago…

In the picture above, you can see the new hole, the old pile, my old camper (used for storage) and the hammock. I go there sometimes to think and to read, if the weather’s nice.

You can see the progress being made.I’d actually hoped to make it deeper, but there are too many roots in the way. It will last me a couple of years.

I mostly just throw paper in the compost, sometimes old, worn out clothes. I use paper for my cats litter box (shredded and newspaper). So the best place for it is the compost. Or a groundhog hole. They can’t stand cat pee…or trash.

After I finished with the compost, I sat with my boyfriend and watched him burn some stuff…and took some more pictures.

hanging by a leg
Lonely Leaf

We don’t have much firewood, but we’re getting there.

And then I helped him cut some wood. Didn’t get the pile finished, but there’s always tomorrow…right? I know – can’t depend on getting it done tomorrow. But, as Annie says…”Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow, You’re only a day away!”

So, that was my Saturday! Hope you had a great one!

Today is National Double Cheeseburger Day! And National Felt Hat Day!

“My work is like my vacation, so in a way every day is like Saturday.”

– Ludacris

(I’m striving for this! One day I’ll get there!! Oh, some of these photos are also available on pinterest or Picfair. Scroll over the image to see if there’s a link attached.)

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