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Sept 21, 2019

Saturday’s Ramblings

So, until the end of the month, you will be seeing three posts a day, for the most part – I think! I’ve got way to many photos left to share and only 9 days left! Hopefully I don’t drive you crazy!!

I hope this leaf is big enough!

Like last month, I will do a leftovers post. But I don’t think I will be able to do it all in one post. So, I will more than likely pull them into next months file. I’ll figure out how to categorize them.

I’m trying to hide here

Speaking of next month, I think I will name the series…well, something to do with the past and present. Since I’ve been scanning photos into the computer (past) as well as taking photos (present), it’s gonna be different than what I’ve been doing the last two months. I’m sure something creative will pop into my head between now and then.


I’ve also got photos ready for the “free download”. If you don’t remember, I do a free download (this will be the second one). Last month, if I remember correctly, I wasn’t sure how often I will do that particular post. I list 5 or 6 photos as well as a email address, and you send me an email letting me know which one you would like. That particular email is one I started up only for that post, so no one else has it and it’s easy to keep track of. And the post is only available for 48 hours. I think once a month is plenty. (Look for it on or around the 1st, it will be a Tuesday.)

I hope she can’t see me

That’s about all I have for today.

Tomorrow is Dear Diary Day (hmmm…make’s me think of a few ideas for a post, it will be a carefree sat after all), National Girl’s Night In Day (uh..is that day or night?), Hobbit Day (might have to watch a movie), Carefree Day (missing it by a day, darn!), and National Ice Cream Cone Day (my son says we should dance around with ice cream cones on our heads! LOL), and National Elephant Appreciation Day (go give that elephant next door a big ole hug and some peanuts! You have my permission).

There’s actually a lot more… you can check out the rest of the list here: National Day

“To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.” – Reba McEntire

Hope you have a great day, where ever the path may lead!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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