Change is in the air

Sept 23, 2019

And I’m not just talking about the seasons, although it is nice! It’s been getting cool at night, warm during the day. No need for the wood stove yet! Which is a good thing. Here soon I’m going to be heading out to Skyline Drive, in Virginia. The leaves are starting to change colors and it will be very pretty.

Balancing Act

No, what I’m talking about is my blog! It’s a good thing…I think! Not to much change, mind you. But just enough to keep things interesting. I know there’s been a lot of change here recently, but change is good…right? Especially if you can take it to the bank!

bright eyes at the top – or is it bright eye?

What I’m changing is my Reading post – or specifically the theme. It’s still going to include reading, but I’m going to include other topics as well. Such as health tips – for instance, I don’t use deodorant! I know, how does a woman proclaim on a public site that she doesn’t use deodorant! I will tell you in the blog (coconut oil and baby powder)!! And that my son uses Dawn to wash his hair (hint – it helps with dandruff!). It will also include local folklore, or folklore in general, as well as local history. Anything that might be of interest! I guess what I need to do is write down all the subjects I want to cover and see what jogs the mind.

eating some pine nuts

I just haven’t figured out exactly what to call it! Something like… I have no idea! I had an idea this morning, but I was driving, on my way to work and the idea floated out the window as quickly as I thought of it. And it seemed like a good title at the time. Sigh…oh well! As my mom used to say…”It wasn’t important!”

just hanging around

Maybe “I have no idea” would be a good title!! LOL! Just kidding! Who knows…if you wake up next Monday and you see a headline from me titled “I have no idea” you will know that I haven’t come up with anything!

I love my berries

I’m going to visit my parents (grave sites) tomorrow and then going hiking, so I will make sure to have a notebook with me so I can jot down ideas. Out in the wilderness is always a good time to think!!

So, that’s about all I have for now! At least until tomorrow morning!! Hope you enjoyed my squirrel photos! They were taken from the deck in my backyard with the telephoto lens.

“People look at me like I’m a little strange, when I go around talking to squirrels and rabbits and stuff. That’s ok. That’s just ok.” – Bob Ross

Hope everyone is having a great day, night or evening!

Where ever you may be!

Thanks for visiting!!

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