Catoctin Mountain View

Sept 28, 2019

Picture of the week

Picture taken at Hog Rock, Catoctin Mountain State Park, Sept 24, 2019

I know it’s a little hazy, and it was only around 1030 in the morning, but it’s the best I could do!! It’s been a while since I’ve shown any pics like this, so I figured I’d show it for my picture of the week. The rest are coming soon. With it, I’ll give some info and history…some stories, if you will. Is that another tease? I think it is…

Anyway, have a great day and, again, thanks for stopping by!

One more to go before I take a break for a few hours…so, you’ll be seeing me again – one more time – before the day – or night – is over! Oops, I guess that would be two more times!!

“Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.” ~ unknown

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(I will be uploading more here shortly.)

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