Something To Get Me Through

Sept 29, 2019

Today’s adventure

Inside Paw Paw Tunnel, Paw Paw WVA
f-stop f/5.6
exposure time .6 sec
ISO 2500
no flash/compulsory
hand held!!

I just had to show you this, couldn’t wait!! We were in the middle of the tunnel, a mile long and I decided to see if I could get anything. The fact that it was taken with a 6 second exposure time AND I didn’t have it on a tripod…well, it amazes me, honestly! I do have to admit, I was leaning against the wall, but still! WOW! It was pitch black where we were! There’s no way for me to really explain exactly how dark it was, just close you eyes and all that blackness? That’s how dark it was.

I was going to include some 1278 PHOTOS, but I don’t think anything I have holds up to the photo above. So, I’m going to leave well enough alone and leave the other photos for tomorrow!

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

~ John C. Maxwell

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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2 Comments on “Something To Get Me Through

  1. Calm hands my friend 😀 I can work with slow shutter speed too. And yes, leaning against walls, fences or what not helps. While I have a tripod, I totally hate to work with it. So, over time I just practiced hand-holding slow shutter speeds.

    • It’s been years since I’ve used a slow shutter speed, especially that slow. I, too, don’t like using a tripod!
      Thank you

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