Way Back When and Even Now: I Had No Idea

Oct 4, 2019

Even Now – Blue

When I started this blog, I had no idea where it was going to take me. I knew I needed to do this, but I had no clue I’d be where I am today. And I absolutely love it!! Not to brag or anything like that… I love what I do and it makes me happy that someone out there appreciates what I do. Really, truly…thank you! Without you, none of this would be possible.

It is a little bit of a struggle getting everything coordinated, with picfair and pinterest and all that. I still have images available at shutterstock, I just haven’t uploaded anything there for a while. It was a struggle with them… half of my photos would be rejected for one reason or another. One photo was rejected because I needed an original…it was a lumen print (a lumen print is a solar photogram – an image created on photographic paper, exposed by the sun), that was the original! I knew I needed another outlet. Then along came picfair. I’ve been happy with them so far.

Did you know that it takes 45 days to establish a habit? And 3 days to break it?

So, I figured I’d take a minute and let you know what my hopes are for the immediate future. For the blog anyway…

  • everyday will be a picture of the day
  • Monday: This That and the Other Thing

This is when I will post “informational” stuff, like why I don’t use deoderant and what I use instead, using coffee grounds in the garden. It should be interesting and I think you’ll get to know me better.

  • Tuesday: Fun With Words

This is when I will post photos with words, classic ads (and info if I have any, otherwise it will just be the photos and/or personal thoughts)

  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: haven’t really figured that out yet. Could be travel, raindrop reflections, abstracts, something interesting I just need to share, thoughts…there’s always something!
  • Saturday: How To/Picture of the Week

The How To post will be a post about how to do something in photoshop (resizing and copyrighting tomorrow). Yes, I’m doing that poat tomorrow, so get ready!! Eventually, down the road, it might be how to do something different.

  • Sunday: Sundays Inspiration/Carefree Saturday

Sundays Inspiration will be motivational…for the most part. If I’m not feeling very inspired, it could be “Sunday’s Unspirational” – it’s happened before, once. Carefree Saturday is a day for me to de-stress. Life as a caregiver is hard! I spend all week taking care of everyone else, it’s one day – I set aside – to take care of myself. No laundry, no dishes, no shopping…it’s my day to do what I need to do so I can keep going. I usually garden, go on a road trip (short/quick one up into the mts – I have to work early Sunday morning), just relax. What ever I do, I take pics and post about it on Sunday, usually after work unless I can get them uploaded on Saturday. (Here lately, for the most part, I can get the post in before work.)

Everyone knows that I’ve been doing three posts a day lately. I know I like doing it, and I have a pretty good feeling you like it too. So, we’ll see if I can get some kind of theme going. My third post, I usually don’t feel as stressed. And for the most part, my better posts are “right now” posts. I have some drafts, but I haven’t needed to use them yet. Except the HOW TO post. That definitely takes me some time to be good enough for your eyes. You will see…

Oh, if I get sick or something comes up that I can’t post, I will let you know.

I think I’ve rambled on enough for now!

Tomorrow is National Apple Betty Day, National Do Something Nice Day, and National German-American Day. I think I’ll leave well enough alone and say adios! for now!!

Hope you enjoyed!!

“Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations.”

~ unknown

click on either image to see what I have available at picfair and pinterest

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  1. Great clarity! Did you know that it takes 45 days to establish a habit? And 3 days to break it? — Very true! 🙂

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