Carefree Saturday

Oct. 6, 2019

Another weekend off and I slept in this morning! Well, not totally…my cat got me up at 4am (that’s when I normally get up on Sundays), but then I went back to bed for about an hour. So it goes… That’s why I’m late in posting today.

I didn’t take a whole lot of pics yesterday…not sure why. Well, I guess I didn’t do a whole lot worthy of taking pictures, at least in my eyes. Feeling kinda blah the last couple of days. I think it’s the weather change. It definitely feels like fall now. And I need to start getting ready for winter!!

What does “getting ready for winter entail? Well, firewood for starters!! Which I helped my boyfriend unload off his truck yesterday morning! All oak, which is great in the wood stove! Today we’re going to get some pallets to put the wood on, to keep it off the ground.

It smells good too!

Bringing plants in…

I have way to many plants to bring in!! Somewhere around 70!!! In the photo above are geraniums. At least that’s what they are when they’re growing. Before bringing them in for the winter, you need to let them die off and dry out. For the winter, you keep them in a cool, dry place – for me, the furnace room in the basement – and in the spring, before watering them, you dig up the seeds and replant. I usually only do this every couple of years. Next year is an on year!

With all the plants I have, you can imagine it takes me some time to get them all inside. A few a day – as long as there’s no freeze warning – and it is done! And I’m not going crazy!

The photo above are snake plants. I know it’s not the best picture…I took it at 3second shutter speed. I had my elbows tucked in. Wasn’t propped against anything for stabilization. (If you have seen my Sunday’s Motivation already – posted today, the last photo with the sunset quote was taken the same way. I think it’s much better!)

morning shadows

I also painted yesterday! Just a corner in a room…there was mold growing and had to take care of it. And since my boyfriend wasn’t doing it, I did!!! The mold came from all the plants I have… never had a problem with mold before last year. Might have something to do with the wood stove and humidity.

Anyway, I scrubbed it/washed it and got rid of as much as I could. Then I painted it with KILZ (two coats) and when that was dry. I painted it the color of the room (willow green). I’d like to paint the whole room, but it will have to wait.

Today is going to be another carefree day!! Taking it easy and bringing some more plants in. (Oh, before winter sets in, we put tarps up on the deck. This helps break the wind and also keeps the snow off the deck. I’ll be sure to show you photos.)


No worries or troubles

Life is good

Life isn’t always serious

Laugh a little

Be with the people you love

Relax. Take deep breaths

Go for a run

Realize that you are important

~ unknown

Hope you enjoyed and are having a great day!!

Thanks for stopping by!

(I think today is going to be a CAREFREE day as well, so stay tuned!)

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