Another Day Bites The Dust

Oct 7, 2019

I wasn’t sure if I was going to share anything else today, but here I am, killing it!! LOL!

Nothing too spectacular about this, just showing off some abstracts.

A heart of a butterfly

It’s been a gray, dreary day and all I wanted to do is sleep, but sleep didn’t come! Hopefully my cat lets me sleep in a little tomorrow. (If you don’t hear from me by my normal time, he did let me sleep in!!)

floating flower with green in the corner

Don’t ask me how I got these, because I sure couldn’t tell you. Not at this point. Most are inverted, the top one is inverted and “polar coordinated”, in photoshop. I think that’s the right term…I’m sure at some point I’ll do a HOW TO post, once I get through the basics.

green rose of sharon…reflection?
a wasp with green wings
snow turns green in places

Kinda creepy, aren’t they? But hey, Halloween’s just around the corner!! So… anything goes, right? Almost anything anyway. Which reminds me…I’ll have to dig up the picture of my son the year he dressed up as the headless horseman for Halloween. I think it was the best costume ever! I’ll find it, I promise!!

What do you think?

That’s about all I have for today!

Tomorrow is National Touch Tag Day and National Fluffernutter Day.

“I always liked strange characters.” ~ Tim Burton

Hope everyone has a great day, night or evening!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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