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Oct 7, 2019

First off, I have to rant a little bit. My cat got me up at 3 o’clock this morning!! My boyfriend’s alarm went off and he started mowing! Otherwise, I’d just now be starting on here. I managed to put him off for half an hour, but he was meowing the whole time. I finally just got up! I swear he thinks he’s a dog!! Oh well, life goes on…maybe I’ll be able to take a short nap this afternoon.

So anyway, on to today’s post…

Deodorant, Why I Don’t Use It, and What I Use Instead

Alternative Health Care

I stopped using deodorant a few years ago, when I read the info below. Considering I’ve already got health issues (cancer in 1995, a scare in 2015) I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Before I get into the details, I’ll tell you what’s in the photo above, from left to right. Powder (a mixture of things, coconut oil, salt (mouthwash), and a candle with sage in it.

The information below comes from There’s other places you can go for info, but this is where I started.

  1. History
  • The advent of deodorant is relatively new. Before the start of the 20th century, no one used deodorant or really even cared about body odor.
  • the first deodorant produced was called MUM and was trademarked in 188.
  • First antiperspirant was called EVERDRY and launched in 1903
  • It wasn’t until the early to mid 1900’s that the use of deodorant became commonplace due to a clever copywriter who was able to convince women that they stunk.
  • Advertisers took advantage, first targeted women. Sales of deodorants reached $1 million by 1927
  • Men didn’t come under fire until 1935
  • in the beginning of the 20th century, male body odor was considered attractive, “masculine”

2. You might not need deodorant

  • you smell because the bacteria living in your armpits break down lipids and amino acids found in your sweat
  • not everybody produces the bacteria/some people are more prone to odor

3. They contain dangerous chemicals

  • some deodorants contain a slew of interesting chemicals, including toxins
  • can be absorbed/stored in fat cells in underarm area
  • there are hormone receptors in underarm tissue which can react to some of the ingredients
  • regular use can lead to breast cancer, potentially
  • parabens – used as a preservative; while they help prevent growth of odor-causing bacteria, can also mimic estrogen in the body
  • aluminum – have also been found to mimic estrogen
  • pesticides – (may contain):
  • triclosan – may alter hormone regulation and has been thought to contribute to antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • other health risks: skin irritation, endocrine disruption (research done in 2008 found that nearly 75% of people tested had triclosan in their system)
  • phthalates also mess with hormones (this is added to help the product stick to you skin)

4. May actually increase odor causing bacteria

  • antiperspirants use anti microbial agents to kill bacteria and other ingredients to block sweat glands/may actually affect the bacterial balance in armpits
  • can create an even greater odor-inducing sweat problem
  • bacteria killed off by deodorants could actually allow bacteria that produces even more pungent odors to thrive

So, what to do…

  • live a clean lifestyle (eating healthy, drink plenty of water, regularly exercise, bathe daily, avoid spicy/string smelling foods
  • use homemade deodorants: baking soda (make a paste with water), apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, essential oils (just rub it on like you would deodorant)

What do I do? That’s where the picture in the beginning comes in. I use coconut oil and a baking soda/baby powder mix. Rub the coconut oil on and then, with a powder puff tap on the baking soda/baby powder mix.

I remember my mom using baby powder…actually, back then it was talcum powder, which I think is basically the same thing, just packaged differently. Anyway, I have been known to just use the baby powder mix and forgo the coconut oil. I do have a stick of deodorant for times when we are out of town over night. I’ve also used baby lotion in a pinch… I keep a little bottle in my purse, just in case. Baby lotion is the only “lotion” I have in the house, even they contain parabens and other chemicals that could be dangerous. (Coconut oil has so many uses…mouth wash, lotion/sunscreen, hair conditioner – but that is for another post.)

The salt? mix it with warm water, mouthwash (think about it! How many of you have ever gargled with salt water when you’ve had a sore throat?) The candle has dried sage leaves in it and when I take a bath, I burn it (the smell helps relieve stress).

I think that’s about all I have for now! I hope you found this interesting and I didn’t scare you too much with this info. I found it eye opening! And alarming what the government allows to be put in stuff! But that is for another day!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!

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