Oct 10, 2019

It’s been a rather unproductive day! Actually, it has been, just not eventful. I went for a job interview and while I was there realized that what ever I’m doing, I’m doing it wrong. I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’ve got to keep doing… does that even make any sense? Yeah, I didn’t think so…it’s time for me to reboot! Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a better idea of what ever it is I need to do! Giving up is not an option!

So, here I am again, plugging away! One day at a time…right?

Anyways, on to the third and final post for today!

Ugg photo…

but oh so good photo!

Just like mom!

So, yeah…I’m probably about two in this photo which means it was somewhere around 1979. Got into my mom’s makeup. I think I did a pretty good job! Don’t you?

“I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.” ~ ?

“No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her mom.” ~ Cardinal Mermillod

“I’m proud of what I look like. I’m proud I look like my mom.”

~ Lisa Guerrero

“A mother who radiates self love and self acceptance actually vaccinates her daughter against low self esteem.”

~ Naomi Wolf

Tomorrow is National Sausage Pizza Day and International Day of the Girl Child Day!

Hope you are having a great time between sunup and sundown (or sundown and sunup, which ever the case may be!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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