Way Back When and Even Now: Hog Rock Trail continued

Oct. 11, 2019

on and off the trail

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  • Catoctin Mountain Park lies within the area known as the Blue Ridge Province
  • in the 18th and 19th centuries the land was heavily logged to support local agriculture practices and to produce charcoal for the nearby iron works furnace
woolly bear caterpillar
  • in 1933, the land was set aside as “Catoctin Recreation Demonstation Area”, the purpose was to rehabilitate sub-marginal farmland
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  • in 1954, the land was divided with half becoming Cunningham Falls State Park and the other half Catoctin Mountain Park
hickory nut (shagbark hickory)
  • there are 18 wetland areas in the park, covering nearly 143 acres
a nut in the hand
  • contains over 25 miles of hiking through the mountains of upper Maryland, a park which honors Franklin D. Roosevelt’s legacy in the U.S.
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“Remember to turn everything off once a week – including your brain – and walk somewhere quiet”

~ unknown

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