Another straight wind?

Oct 17, 2019

I totally had something else up my sleeve for today, but this happened. So I figured I’d post it!

The wind has been howling all day!! With gusts up to 50MPH!

I was laying in bed, resting for an hour or so when I heard what sounded like a trash can rolling on the ground. Or something like it! I got up and looked, didn’t see anything and laid back down.

When I got up, I took a walk around to see if I could find what it was that went thump.

Didn’t take me long…

I’m just glad it fell the way it did…could’ve hit the house, as you will see…

It could’ve fallen the other way, and if it had, we would’ve had a problem.

the top…
or what should be the top

That’s the tree the top came out of, probably about thirty(?) feet from the house. Maybe less than that. So…how to get it down the rest of the way. I doubt my boyfriend’s truck will be able to pull it down. Maybe…

So thankful someone is looking out for me!

On a positive note, all of my house plants are finally in!

Today is National Legging Day, National Chocolate cupcake Day, and National No Bread Day!

“Listen! the wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”

Humbert Wolfe

Hope you have a great evening, day, or night!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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3 Comments on “Another straight wind?

  1. An old house where I used to live in in downtown San Jose was violently shaken in the middle of the night. At first we thought it was an earthquake, but it turned out to be a very large branch that broke off of one of the tall fir trees in the front yard and crashed down upon the roof, right above where my bedroom was. That was an attention getter.

    • Glad you were ok!
      Looks like this tree is gonna have to come down, so it doesn’t damage the house. Chances are, it would be minor, but why take the chance.
      Thanks for sharing!

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