Back When: Cape Hatteras

Oct 21, 2019

Through the years

I said I was going to post this, so here it is. Sorry it took so long. Other things came up!

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me and my dad
posing in a shipwreck

All throughout my childhood, we went to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Every year, since I was a baby up until and including 1991.

They’re actually a chain of islands they call barrier islands, the Outer Banks – 200 miles long according to wikipedia. I loved the ocean – still do!

not my image

some areas of the chain of islands are very narrow

my mom, grandfather and me
feeding the seagulls

My mom was teased often when she was pregnant with me…”If you’re not careful, that baby is going to be born with sand on its feet!” Needless to say, I love the beach, the ocean, the wind blowing through my hair – but I can’t stand having sand stuck to my feet!

My parents would tell me, later – when I was older, that I would cry whenever I was taken out of the water.

I know they say nowadays that you shouldn’t feed the birds…but it’s so much fun! We always made sure we had some bread to feed them whenever we rode the ferry to Okracoke (pronounced like the vegetable and the soft drink) Island. I’ll be sure to post more info on the islands, our trips there, later. I’ve got a lot to share.

my dad
taking a break from fishing
my grandfather
aka – “Poppy Dear”

My grandparents (mom’s parents) went camping with us up until…well, I guess the year we got stuck down there with the hurricane (keep reading). They weren’t with us that year.

hunkering down for the Hurricane

The last year we went camping on Hatteras Island, we got stuck down there. We had driven the 9 hours, pulling the camper with a one ton truck, and dad was setting the camper up when he heard that a hurricane was approaching! By the time he heard this they had stopped all tractor trailers from crossing – which meant we couldn’t bring the camper if we left. My mom and dad discussed it and decided to stay. The campground also had a motel (along with a marina), so during the hurricane that’s where we stayed. It was an experience, I’ll tell you that!! Birds flying backwards, picnic tables upside down, floating across the parking lot.

The camper was ruined! I’m sure we stayed in the hotel for a few nights, as the beds were soaked! (All the windows had been blown open from the force of the wind.) We couldn’t leave the island for a while, I do remember that.

The camper you see in some of my photos? It’s the same one…used for storage now. The only way to get it outta here is by trailer. The axles are bent, tires are rotten (I’m sure)…

Like I said earlier, I will be posting more info as I come across more photos!

Blackbeard made his name here.

The infamous Pirate Blackbeard made the Outer Banks his resting grounds and picked off merchant ships looking to pass through the inlets to reach inland ports. Blackbeard was eventually surrounded on November 22, 1718 just off Ocracoke by Royal Navy Lieutenant Robert Maynard. A fierce battle ensued, and Blackbeard’s run of terror came to end. (It’s said that his ghost roams Okracoke Island, looking for his head!)

That’s about all I have for now!

Hope you enjoyed!!

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