Oct 22, 2019

Sorry it’s taken me longer than normal to get this to you, my cat let me sleep in – til 430am!!

Since today is National Color Day, I thought I’d share some “color” with you! Color surrounds us, color is expressive, color is health…color is reflective. I won’t get into the science of color, it’s way to early for that. So… here is some color for you…

Hope you enjoy!!

Green:  Good Taste – Envy – Relaxation

Blue:  Corporate – High Quality

Red:  Excitement – Love – Strength

Yellow:  Competence – Happiness

Violet/Purple:  Authority – Power

Pink: Sophistication – Sincerity

Black:  Grief – Fear

White: Happiness – Purity

Brown:  Ruggedness

What’s your favorite color? Mine is blue!

And I am so happy I have finally planted some flowers in my garden(s) that are blue!

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul”

~ Wassily Kandinsky

Hope you have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!!

(If you would like, comment with your favorite color and I will repost later with an image of your favorite color!)

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