A Tree On The Roof No More

Oct 24, 2019

These first four photos are from the other day, when the tree – or part of it – came down on the house. Or rather, the roof. To read about it, click here.

Fast forward to Tuesday, the 22 of October. It didn’t take us very long to get it down and cut up! At least to the point where it’s not a danger.

My boyfriend got it down and on the ground before I could take pictures, so this is where part two of the story begins. (He pulled it down the rest of the way with the truck.)

He cut the small stuff off and we dragged it out of the way. There’s some stuff we can actually cut and use in the wood stove – next season. Like the branches that are hanging out into the yard…they’re perfect for using for kindling, and when you need to put small stuff on the fire to build up coals or the fire. But that’s for another day (cutting it up, that is).

Yeah he dug up the yard a little bit…and actually pulled a root out of the ground. It all can be fixed!

The pole that you see? It used to be a clothes line…a tree brought most of it down during an ice storm in 2014. I now use it for wind chimes. I could hang one of my house plants on it, but it gets too much sun (most of my indoor plants are shade loving).

Yep, that’s an old glider you see! It came apart on us a few years ago, we (my dad and I) just drug it down into the woods thinking we would take it for scrap metal. Never happened! Oh well…soon, I hope!

Some time soon, we’re gonna work on getting the other top out. (You can see it in the photo above, right of center.)

getting ready to cut into firewood

All of the wood we get from this tree will go in a separate pile, so it can season and be ready to burn next year.

And split. This is all maple…which is good wood to burn. It’s considered soft wood, so it burns quickly. I’ll do a post about that later…soft wood vs hard wood, what’s good and what’s not!

Pine isn’t good – because of the sap, but it can be burned if it’s been seasoned long enough. I haven’t been able to figure out how long is long enough.

Oak is one of the best. My boyfriend’s brought two loads home so far… since I’ve started burning oak, I’ve only had to put three or four logs on the fire throughout the day (from the time I get up at 430am to when I go to bed around 830pm). The wood stove I have helps a lot!! 79 degrees in the house and I have the front door open. 69 degrees outside!

Fall Colors!
looking towards the other end of the property

So, that’s the story so far! I’m sure there will be more to come! My story is not over yet!! At least, I hope not!

Actually, I’m doing a lot better than I thought I would be doing! Losing about a week’s pay…well, there’s nothing I can do about it really. I could call and complain…but will that really accomplish anything? Nah, just leave well enough alone and move on! I’m actually working a couple hours on Tuesday, so that helps.

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”     

~ Havelock Ellis

Tomorrow is National Chuckie, the Notorious Killer Doll Day ( This creepy horror flick staple of the 1980s has a full name – Charles Lee Ray. And he gets it from three real-life and notorious killers. Can you guess who they are?), National Frankenstein Friday ( the last Friday in October, recognizes author Mary Shelly, the novel Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, her characters, Dr. Frankenstein and the monster.  Dating back to the 1800s, Frankenstein’s monster is one of the best-known horror characters of all time), Sourest Day (feeling grumpy?), and National Breadstick Day (YUM!)!

Hope you have a great day, night, or evening!

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