Purple Abstracts

Oct 24, 2019

I’m just going to keep things simple for now…I have some photos of taking the tree branch down that fell on the roof, but I need to get them off the camera.

Everything’s good! For the most part…I think! I am a little frustrated with, hmm, where I used to work (the office, not my clients). I guess that’s the way to say it! I told my boyfriend what happened when he got home…he had me look to see when things actually expire. So…the PC Training (personal care) doesn’t actually expire until Nov 1, CPR certification doesn’t expire until Oct 25 and the TB test I have to do every year expired on Oct 23. I think they were just trying to come up with an excuse to get me out the door, honestly. ‘Cause they told me they could probably overlook everything except the personal care training. And that didn’t expire til after my last day. So…here I am!

At least it’s behind me now! Well, even a day old is better than right now! And I’ve got enough to keep me busy until it’s far enough behind me that it no longer matters. I just hope that I can use them for a reference! Although my client has told me I can use her, so that’s a plus!! 🙂

Enough rambling, on to my photos! All I did for most of them was INVERT them in photoshop, which I will show you how to do at a later date!

Hope you enjoy!!

water lilies
turned purple

“Purple is the color of royalties. It stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also the color of passion, romance and sensitivity.”

~ Amira Queen of Creativity

dogwood leaves and berries – turned purple

“Purple does something strange to me.” ~ Charles Bukowski

blue flower in a sea of purple

“I won’t eat any cereal that doesn’t turn the milk purple.”

~ Bill Watterson

black and green moth on purple leaves

“There is no dignity in wickedness, whether in purple and in rags; and hell is a democracy of devils,where all are eqauls.”

~ Herman Melville

water lilies
polar coordinated

“There are purple grapes in the land of Git-Thare.” ~ Sam Walter Foss

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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